Video Game designer

Do you need education do be a video game designer?

Yes, you do you need a high school diploma, some employers require a bachelor's degrees.

Does a Video Game designer need relocation?

You probably would need to relocation if u wanted to be a Video games designer because there probably isn't one near you

Would you need to continue your education to be a video game designer?

You would need to be to finish high school get your diploma and then get ready to be accepted into a game design collage and take courses like art,Drawing and creative drawing.

What the salary of a video game desgner?

The starting salary is 37,000 a year but the experience video game desgner they make 85,000.

What are the reacquired classes you need to take in high school?

You need to take some kind of tech classes or some art classes.

What are the cost of the training?

At University Of Advancing technology to take it on campus it cost 9,400 per semester . To take it online its 5,400 per semester.

Job description.

Video Game Designers write and debug computer code to develop games for a!variety of platforms. They determine the concept and design of the game, sketch and storyboard what the game will look like.

What kind of personal attributes do u need?

You need to have these below.

Enjoy Video Games

Be a Problem Solver

Be Creative

Be Efficient

Have Technical Skills

Awareness of Audience



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