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Online High School | Summer 2019

This school year has flown by so quickly!

As the spring semester comes to an end, I have seen so many of our scholars work hard and grow during this school year. Scholars jumped in feet first into our new course player in September and have been excelling the entire school year. They have been actively engaged writing research reports, social study timelines, mastering key mathematical concepts, and have learned about different cultures in spanish class.

Scholars have been engaged in their learning labs while they compete for the answer while playing Kahoot or Quizlet, or have argued their point of view and convinced others to agree with them during philosophical chairs, and have worked together in collaborative learning groups to become experts on subject concepts.

As we look ahead at next year, the entire online high school team is excited to continue to provide these engaging learning labs, meet one-on-one with scholars to increase learning, and provide the individualized learning support that our scholars have come to expect and appreciate from our online teachers.

As we head into the summer break, I want to wish all of our families a fun and safe summer spent with family and friends. I look forward to working with all of our online families during the 19-20 school year. Thank you for a great year!

Janae Smith, High School Coordinator


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The last few months of the semester have been quite busy for our online scholars! Our 9th graders participated in the statewide Physical Fitness test, 11th graders completed SBAC and CAST testing, and our 12th graders took the CAST exam as well. We are very proud of the diligence and hard work all of our scholars demonstrated during their time testing. Way to go!

Our science scholars also participated in the last a-g science wet labs for the 18-19 school at the end of May. By using the scientific method and NGSS standards, our science teachers worked with our scholars to hypothesize, investigate, observe, experiment, and draw conclusions for their physical science, biology, chemistry, and physics labs.

The online high school team also held the first “Welcome to High School” learning lab tour for our incoming 9th graders. Our incoming scholars were able to participate in an actual high school lesson, ask questions, and learn about expectations. A special thank you to Elizabeth C. and Gio C. who helped answer questions as scholars toured each class.

Lastly, the online high school team recognized scholar achievement during our end of the year Online High School awards assembly. During this assembly, scholars were recognized for their hard work in each content area, overall academic achievement, and 9th grader Lyric H. was recognized as our CCS Online High School Firebird of the Year. Congratulations to all of our award recipients.

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It’s been another great year of AVID at CCS!

This year the program grew in several ways. This included fully implementing the AVID Elective in our High School online program, with the addition of great work by AVID scholars with their AVID binders and collaborating in weekly AVID Tutorial Session. In addition, this year included the implementation of AVID teaching and learning strategies in learning labs in all subject areas. Also, we had two great field trips this year, the first to the AVID Scholar Leadership Conference at Long Beach State University and then to the AVID Night at the LA Clippers. We finished the year strong with AVID Elective scholars participating in Guest Speaker learning labs sessions. As we conclude the 2018-19 school year we have already begun work on the next school year by interviewing and selecting a new class of AVID Elective Scholars. Looking forward to continued growth and supporting scholar achievement in the next school year. Hope everyone has a fun and productive Summer Break.

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12th grade scholar, Nadia M., shares her experience at Compass

CCS: We know that often with our scholars that each day is different, but what would a typical day look like for you and your scholar?

Nadia: A typical day for us starts at 8:30AM. We have breakfast and then start school. We take a lunch break around 12:30PM. Then work more on school until 3:30PM, sometimes a little longer.

CCS: What has been your greatest joy in schooling your scholar at home?

Nadia: My greatest joy with online learning is not feeling stressed and being able to work at my pace.

CCS: Share a challenge that you have experienced as a learning coach and how you have worked to overcome the challenge.

Nadia: A challenge I had when I first started was scheduling school because I was at home but I used a planner to better organize myself to be able to succeed.

CCS: Why did you decide to school from home with Compass Charter Schools?

Nadia: My family decided to school from home because I had issues with speaking at school due to bullying from both students and teachers. Not many teachers understood that I was extremely shy, they took it as I was being defiant.

CCS: What do you enjoy most about being part of our Compass community?

Nadia: The thing I enjoy about Compass Charters is I can be myself and learn many new things. I enjoy the support I get from teachers and scholars and being able to have a voice without actually having to speak.

CCS: Share a piece of advice you’d give to a parent thinking about taking their child out of school to school at home?

Nadia: I would say that only you know your child and Compass could be a good option for them to succeed in school. Give it a try.

CCS: What do you plan to do after graduation?

Nadia: My plan after graduation is to enroll in the local community college and study art. I want to be an artist.

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This month we're highlighting Elaine Amari, High School Health and Social Studies teacher!

CCS: What is your job title and what are a couple of the things you do at Compass Charter Schools? How long have you worked for this organization?

Elaine: I have been with CCS since March of 2019, with six years prior in online learning. I am credentialed to teach Social Science, Health, and English, and this semester I had the privilege of teaching Health, American History, and World History. One thing I do regularly at CCS is make a lot of phone calls and put documents into the Files tabs of my course pages to keep scholaes on their toes with strong scaffolding!

CCS: Tell us your “why” for doing what you do here at CCS?

Elaine:: I love virtual learning, as it allows educators and scholars to connect across broad distances. Working with students who have not found what they needed in the traditional classroom fills a very important niche in our state’s education system, and I am proud to support scholars and families in this respect.

CCS: As an educator, is there a piece of advice you’d like to share with learning coaches or scholars?

Elaine: Stay organized- it’s 80% of the daily battle to be an effective educator and learner. I love Google Drive and the Files tab of our course pages- kudos to the inventors of great telecommunication software and learning management systems. I also believe in keeping your own mind stimulated with the things that interest you the most so that you are always learning and making connections to knowledge that can in turn connect you better to people!

CCS: Share one thing about you that very few people know?

Teacher: I was born without my back teeth, as well as with a spinal deformity. I also survived a bout of tuberculosis as a kid, which I contracted while living overseas. Life can beat you up emotionally and physically, but what doesn’t kill you hopefully makes you stronger!

CCS: What do you and your family like to do during your free time?

Elaine: I love to read, watch films, work out, and listen to music in my spare time. And when time permits, I adore traveling. I have been to sixteen different countries so far, and still have a very long bucket list of places on this globe I want to experience!

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