Daily Writing

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Monday May 16

On Sunday I went to the Grand Harbor for my friends birthday party. We play cops and robbers around the water park. We all kept splashing each other it was a lot of fun. When I got home I cleaned with my sisters. My sister Kaitlynn took her dog Duke home finally. Then I went to Kaitlynn and my other sister Aimee's house. I helped Aimee pack some of her things and her cat Panda's things to bring to my house. We brought Panda to the house too, Aimee is moving in with us until she can find her own house. She lived with Kaitlynn and her boyfriend Robby but they are moving.
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Tuesday May 17

This Thursday I have a breakfast thing i'm going to for school. I was recognized for my work in peer helpers. Also my grandmas birthday is on Thursday so we are going out to eat but I don't know where. I also have youth group at Hope Church on Thursday and I love youth group. It's my the thing I look forward to Thursday's.
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Wednesday May 18

Yesterday I found out that my mom can't take me to the renaissance breakfast on Thursday. So she asked my grandma if she could take me, and she said yes. I can't wait till tomorrow, I'm so excited. I have been busy the last few weeks. I had birthday parties, youth group, helping my sister move back in, and watching my other sisters dog. I'm glad that I don't have to watch my sister Kaitlynn's dog. I love her dog Duke but he is so hard to watch. He is a lot bigger than my dog. When he sees my dog he gets so excited that he jumps, he almost broke my dogs neck. He won't play with his toys a he only wants to eat me. I still like him though.
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Thursday May 19

Today I had a lot of fun. First, I went to the breakfast thing with my grandma. For her birthday we got her a card and Dukin Donuts. When we were taking the kids back I got to ride Liam's bike. After school i'm going to youth group.

Monday May 23

Last night my mom was at a friends house and she missed something that was truly great. My sisters Aimee, Kaitlynn, Alejandra, and I were all in the living room. I put on Jurassic World and we all watched it together. We don't normally get to do that because Aimee and Kaitlynn are working. I was so happy that we got to do that. We also had all of our animals there except Kaitlynn left her dog home. Aimee had her cat Panda by her, Alejandra had her cat Penny- Worth by her and I had my dog Einstein by me.

Monday May 23

In 3rd hour I read The Defenseless Woman. It was a really good short story. It was about this woman who goes to a bank to get back money that got taken from her husband. She wouldn't leave until she got the money.

Wednesday May 25

My sister Aimee is moving in. Lets just say this she has A LOT of stuff. When we started to unpack her stuff some of her stuff had to go in my room. She is also sharing a room with my sister Alejandra, Alejandra is not happy. Mainly because Aimee and Alejandra have cats that hate each other.

Monday May 25

I am still reading The Scorch Trials. I really like this book and its a lot different then the movie. I wish I would of read the book before the movie.


Friday May 27

My sister Kaitlynn and her boyfriend are moving into their new house. That also means no more watching her dog Duke. I might be able to go to my friend Bethany's house. I don't know what we would do but I hope I can go. Mrs. Knockel came back today, I missed her so much. Today was terrible. First we left the house late so I almost missed the bus. Then, gym class wasn't good either. Now I am so upset that I am barley even talking. I wish today could have gone better. This Morning while I was at my grandma's house she gave me two stuffed animals. When I saw them I realized they were my stuffed animals from when I was 2 years old.