Oral History Project

Interview with Jacque Hargus

Family Background

-Who were your parents brothers and sisters? There was alot!! 13. emma, taster, gene, ronnie, sharron, and many more.

-When and where were you born? - Omaha,Nebraska in 1953

Childhood and Home Life

How did you celebrate Holidays, Bithdays, and other speacial events? What were your favorite holiday memories? -Opened presents on christmas eve, Always had easter egg hunts, always had a big meal for thanksgiving and other traditions that carry on for years.

Describe the games you played as a child. - Rummy,twister,Raji, but mostly rode horses.

What kind of medicine did you take when you were sick? -Tylonal,advil mostly.

Married And Adult Life

How did you meet your spouse? - He was a cop and someone introduced him to her.

When and where were you married? In Camp Verde,Arizona in 1971


What were your thoughts when your first child was born? - awh he is so little.


What are the most special events that have occured in your life? - two children being born and 5 grandchildren.


Have you ever been involved in an accident, fire, flood, etc.? - Jacque got into a little car accident and got rear ended twice.


What is your life's most important achievement? -Jacque's most important achievement would be being a Christian because she is struggling to get there.


What is the most valuable advice you learn from your elders? - The most valuable advice Jacque learned from her elders is do finish the job you start.



World Events

Did you or any family members serve in any wars? What stories did they share about their war experiences? - My grandpa Marvin served in the navy, my other grandpa chuck served in the Vietnam war, and my Great Aunt Suzan was also in the navy. I have heard several story's about it and they have all said it is a lot of work, but it is also fun! They said they learned lots of experiences and will never regret any of it for the rest of their lives.