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Weight loss Tips for Diabetics and People Suffering From Hypothyroidism

Person suffering from diabetes as well as obesity and wanting to lose weight must drink large amount of water which counts to at least six glasses per day. The person must also start relaxation techniques such as meditation at least 10 minutes a day. While you are eating, concentrate on the food only and make sure that you get up as soon as you feel that your hunger is satisfied. There are special diets available for diabetic person known as diabetes diet which restricts the use of sugar and carbohydrates which are refined. You can also join weight loss organization that provides easy and safe ways for reducing weight. Try to make your mind happy by looking in the mirror everyday and keep on thinking that you are looking healthy and wonderful. Your diet must contain fresh fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, lettuce. Make a change in your chewing habits and try to chew the food slowly, this will help the digestive system and all the nutrients and minerals present in the food will be properly absorbed in the body. Diabetic person must not only work out with diet because it can create imbalance in blood sugar level and so diet must be followed with exercise.

Weight Loss Tips for People Suffering From Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a disease related to the thyroid gland which brings reduction in the metabolism rate of the body which finally results in weight gain. The people suffering from hypothyroidism and want to lose weight must consult physician before they make any change in their daily routine. They must get each and every detail regarding the function of thyroid gland. Such people must restrict granulated sugar intake in their diet. This will create lack of sugar in the body resulting in less production of energy due to which the metabolism will cause the fat stored in the body to burn and release energy required for proper functioning of body. Make a habit of drinking 6-8 glass of water every day as this will promote and increase the exchange of fluids. Make a habit of walking every day for a time of one hour and this step must be followed after consuming meals. Hormone replacement therapy works by increasing the metabolic rate due to which the fat burning process of the body takes place at a greater rate. Before using hormone replacement therapy it is necessary to consult doctor to test the thyroid function. Hormone replacement therapy must be supplemented with aerobic activity for getting faster result.