Circuit Building Reflection

By: Marko Jandrieski

What did I do?

During this unit I did a lot of stuff, I followed schematics and built them on my breadboard, I highlighted as I built, and performed many troubleshooting strategies when my circuits didn't work.
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What did I learn?

I learned what the different components are as well as what they do. I learned that resistors slow current, transistors allow the flow of current when the base is connected to a positive charge, LED's light up when current flows through them, and diodes slow current in one direction. I learned how to make connections on a breadboard and that you should never place both ends of a component in the same column. I also learned troubleshooting strategies as well as how to keep track of what you've done in your schematic by highlighting as you go. On top of all that I learned that building circuits takes focus and it only takes one mistake for your circuit to fail.

What did you enjoy?

I enjoyed placing the components in my breadboard and seeing how the circuit came together as I built it. I enjoyed how satisfying it was to complete a circuit and seeing it work after putting time into it. I also enjoyed solving problems I had in my circuit and learning from my mistakes.
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What didn't I enjoy?

I didn't enjoy having to deal with the fact that some of the components could be fried, since it isn't as obvious as something not being connected properly. I also didn't like finding my circuits don't work, because it means I have to spend more time figuring out how to get it to work instead of moving on to the next circuit.

If I had to repeat the project what would I do differently?

If I had to repeat the project I would make sure that all the components I need to use are the correct ones, since I had an issue with one of my circuits where I had been using the wrong type of transistor. I would also try to find a way to make the circuits differently, I would try to find ways to improve on my circuits and see if there are easier ways to complete these circuits.