we are up and running!

iPads at Dodge City Middle School

Welcome back to DCMS

We are back from Christmas break and we are hitting the ground running. The first day back at school, over 700 iPads were handed out to students at Dodge City Middle School and the process began. Were there a few glitches, of course, but the students and staff of our school are experts at problem solving and now only a week into the process we have student centered learning happening all over the school.

A new adventure for all of us.

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Put all of this to practical use.

Mrs. Black's 7th grade classes jumped into project based learning right away. With the Dust Bowl as the theme, students were asked to select an element of the time period and research, collaborate and create a project that demonstrated the groups knowledge of the subject. Students were given a choice of project formats such as interviews, newsletters, raps or movies. Groups of 2-3 students worked together to research and produce the finished product. They worked in the library so that I could help with collecting resources and be a technical advisor. Two days of concentrated work are paying off with excellent results. We have also found out that it takes a wide range of resources to create an atmosphere were true individual and collaborative learning happens. As the students finish their projects, I hope to share some of their creative endeavors.