I Want That Job!


A Pathologist is a person who does a precise  study and diagnostic of a disease.  Pathology is seperated into groups based on what you are studying.  So, you can focus on one type of pathology. 


$240,500 per year!!

Companies That Hire

Pathgroup, Rochue, Omnyx, Phillips Healthcare

Personality Needed

Persistence, detail oriented, strong written and oral communication skills, critical thinking skills, must enjoy solving problems

How It Benefits Society

Studies diseases and makes diagnostics.


To become a pathologist you must graduate from a four year college.  You must have a bachelor degree and a medical degree.  So, you have to go through medical school.  You also must take the classes of biology, chemistry, mathematics, and english.  You also must have a high extra-curricular activities, leadership, community service, research, and patient exposure.