All about me

Laura Màrquez


Hello, my name is Laura Màrquez, I live in Bescano, Girona. I have got one brother, his name is Albert. I have one pet, a dog. And I love playing tennis.

Physically I have curly and long hair, I'm not so tall, and I am 14 years old.

Family and pets.

In my family we are five members, my father, his name is Quim, my mother her name is Gloria, my brother his name is Albert, my dog its name is Kuka and me.

We live in a house near the school of Bescanó, and we love traveling.

Hobbies. Likes and dislikes and free time.

I love playing tennis. I play tennis in Tuesdays from six o'clock to seven o'clock.

I like listening to music, watching TV, meet with friends, dancing...

And I don't like and I hate reading books and some animals like the spiders.

In my free time I do the things that I like, meeting with friends, dancing, listening to music,...


I want to go one day to New York and I want to travel all around the world.

In the future I want to be a chemist like my mother, and I would like to live in an other country.