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Alianie Lisette Delgado

Should schools ban gum!?

For many years they have banned gum in schools because it gets under the desk, on the floor, on walls, and the sound of chewing gum can be very annoying and obnoxious. But can gum benefit student's education and learning?

How does gum benefit students and why should schools not ban gum?

Gum helps benefit students by making them concentrate. Study shows it also makes you remember things when you study and chew gum then take a test and chew the same flavor of gum when you take a test. Studies also show students that chew gum while taking a test get higher grades than people who don't chew gum during tests.

Why should schools ban gum?

Schools should ban gum because students leave it under desks, on walls, floors, and etc. Gum left under desks leads to bacteria which gets kids sick and leads them to being absent and not learning. If they don't get sick then it just distracts them from class when they touch because it's nasty so they want to go to the bathroom, wash their hands, and when they get back they put hand sanitizer. Which takes about 10-20 minutes away from learning time.