Come Settle in Texas

Where life begins!

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Why You Should Come to Texas?

There is very fertile land here in texas for farming. Texas is plentiful in water for everything you need. Acres of land for ranching. Most importantly it comes at a cheap price. pic;

Texas Flag;

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How Much Land you can get & How Much it'll Cost

Single Man- 640 acres of land

Wife- 320 acres of land

Children- 160 acres per child

Slaves- 80 acres per slave

This cost you as little as 12.5 cents per acre.

People of special to the community, such as merchants, doctors, mill operators, will recieve additional land grant.


Texas is Guaranteed to be a Beautiful New Beginning

What You'll Need

You will need farming tools, animals {oxen, horses, cows, etc.}, some clothes, and money for land. pic;
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A Little Back Story on this Province

Before Spain came to North America people called Native Americans lived here. Many were peaceful and welcoming to us when we came but, others put up a fight against us. Spain built missions to convert them to Catholicism, to teach them their way of life, and to hopefully start colonies. Even though the colonies were not built when that happened we finally have fulfilled that dream. One man named Moses Austin started the first colony but, before he could move any one to his settlement he sadly died. His son Stephen F. Austin carried on the colony. He brought over the Old Three Hundred and has become the most successful empresario at the time. On 1821, after 11 years of struggling for it's independence, Mexico finally became free of Spanish rule.

Routes to get to the colony

Follow the Mississippi river until you hit the red river and then follow it until you hit the Colony of Huntsberger.

Another way to get there is to follow the Ohio River, then turn down onto the Mississippi River, and then follow the Red River to Texas.


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