Bring your pets too for a holiday


Come to PET 'n' WILD opening day where you can enjoy dozens and dozens of water theme park ride including Doggiefloat, Hawkcoaster, Felinedance,Serpents tale and many more to enjoy. the entry fee for a family pack is $59.99 including a fee of $9.99 if your is with you because our pets shuldn't stay at home but should enjoy the holiday with their very only spa day.

Opening Day

Thursday, Dec. 25th, 9:30pm

21 Flowerdale Rd

Liverpool, NSW

Come enjoy the ride with your family and let your pet have its day.


9am- Opening Ceremony

9:30am-11am-Orientaion/tour around the theme park

11am-12am-Party in the tidal wave pool

12pm-1pm- free lunch for those who are hungry

1pm-1:25pm-the reveal of the collosal titan ride

4pm-Afternoon firewoks and 5 second of summer performing

Having a Birthday

Come to PET 'N' WILD for very own special BDay at only $39.99.

This includes:

A large cake (your choice of flavour)

Party food such as lollies, biscuit and chips( PEt Food included)

a FREE souvenier of you choice( Books, toys, T-shirt andkey chain)