Mrs. Byrd's English II

January 19 - 22

The start of a new semester!

This is your chance to start fresh! A new semester begins this week. How will you let your semester play out?

Weekly Agenda

Tuesday, January 19th

EQ: Where am I at with my vocabulary?


Practice and review Unit 8 Vocabulary - Complete and email the results of at least 2 activities.

Review and define Unit 9 Vocabulary

Period 1

Periods 2 and 3

Wednesday, January 20th

Thursday and Friday, January 21st-22nd


How does literature reflect society?

Do Now:

Vocabulary Practice

Please log your score on your tracker!

Period 1

Periods 2 and 3



Activating Activities:

Review notes and video clip

What does your Utopia look like?

Period 1

Periods 2 and 3