Forest Avenue School Opening Day

School Begins at 835am

Breaking News

School opens this Wednesday, September, 2nd The first bell rings at 835am.

Dismissal will be at 240pm. Please allow for extra time the first few days of school for the bus runs to get on time. All students should be home by 330pm.

Please try to send your child on the bus. Our parking lot will not hold an overabundance of vehicles.

Bus notices were in Saturday's Daily News. You can also find them on the School website.

Our school playground opens at 820am. We will have teacher supervision at that time.

Parents may accompany their child to their classroom. However, we will make an announcement before 9am for you to leave and come up for a parent social in the cafeteria.

Morning and afternoon pick-up of your child- Please use the south entrance to drive in and pick up or drop off your child. Be very careful the first few days as everyone gets acclimated to our system.

Out school PTG meets September 10th, at 6pm in our school library. Please feel free to attend and get involved with the students social events that are sponsored by our PTG.

Food and Nutrition

Please remember that all Middletown schools follow the RI Healthy Schools Regulations. We do not allow cupcakes, cookies or birthday cakes in school for celebrations. Please consider cheese plates or veggies snacks as an alternative.

Go to R.I. Healthy Schools Coalition website to get news and information on healthy snacks