best poems

By: Kyle

Mystery of the Doughnuts - Imagery

I wake up one morning

Mmm mmm... whatever is that sweet wonderful smell?

I walk up to my mom and ask, "Is that doughnuts I smell?"

She said, "I'll give you some clues.

It's fluffy like a cake."

"I've got it, it's a cupcake!"

"No, no, no, but you're close!

So very close. Soft like your pillow.

MMmmmm what canit be?

Its as light as a cloud.

Sweet like sugar.

Flaky like a piece of bread.

It's as crisp as a chicken nugget.

Chewy like a piece of bread.


Warm like a pop tart that just came out of the toaster My mom interuped.


Yes your right.

old ladys- limmrick

There was a old lady a very poor lady.

Weird clothes every one wanted her to pay mony.

Fat like a pig.

More like a mug.

what a dummy.

fire teaches- personaphonacation

Fire teaches me how to dance.

Fire tells and teaches how to move in sport games.

teaches me a whole bunch of stuff.

he teaches me and he can also teach you.