Welcome to 9th Grade

Everything you will need to know for English 9

Hi I'm Mariah Bupp. In English 9 you will do many independent and group activities. You will have to get a book of the month and do book talks about the book you choose. Also you will have books to read as a class and watch some movies. It also really helps you with being organized.


You will get to many activities and some are reading Divergent, Romeo and Juliet,Monster, and you will get a book read and do projects with as a group. When you read Divergent you will also get to watch the movie, and do multiple projects as a group. In Romeo and Juliet you will read the play and get to watch many different types of Romeo and Juliet movies, and do activities. Then you will read a book called ,Monster as you read the book as a class you will get a journal to take home so you can write about the book. Group Literature Circles is when you get a book that your group will read and you do projects with your group about that book and will get to make a podcast.

Independent Reading/Book Talks

Every month you will get a book of your choice to read at home . You get a book mark to record how many pages you read and how many pages you have to read each day. Male sure you use your book mark to help you with reading your book so you can keep up with reading everyday. Also, you will get sticky notes to do as you read your book and they will help you to really understand what you are reading.

What I like Best

I liked Independent reading because it made me a better reader and to really get engaged in the book. Sticky notes were good because they really helped me understand the book. Then the book talk is good because you get to explain what you read.

What I Didn't Like Best

The short stories because they were kind of hard to understand and you don't have sticky notes to write as you're reading.


  • Make sure your binder is broken down into 5 sections to keep you organized and have everything you need.
  • Do your homework and turn it in on time
  • Keep up with your book of the month, don't get behind
  • Participate in all group activities
  • Pay full attention to Mrs. Allen so you don't miss anything

5 Ways to stay Organized

  1. Keep all papers you are supposed to
  2. Make sure to use dividers so you have 5 sectons in your binder
  3. When Mrs. Allen says to put the number on the top of your paper make sure you do to put it in the right section
  4. Don't forget to grab the papers you need when you go in class
  5. Don't forget to turn in papers
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