My goals

by: Infinity Grandison

My life time goal

My life time goal is to be successful in life and have a great job as a paleontologist or a artist
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What i want to achieve this year

I want to make alot of friends and help them out whenever they needed it, i also want to make good grades and pass of course but i am having some trouble even to barely pass but if i make school a priority and try my best to get work done and completed.

My goals if i become a artist

If i end up becoming a artist I want to focus on drawing animals , maybe mythical animals and even real life.
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My goals if i become a Paleontologist

If i become a paleontologist I want to make events foe other people and show them how fossils are made and show them how amazing dinosaurs are! I also want to dig up a dinosaur no matter the size or how common that dino is.
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My goals for life at home

some of my goals for life at home is to own a wolf or coyote , have at least a two story house with my significant other ,and live a happy life with no disasters but that's not possible so at least live a happy life even if something bad happens.

What im gonna do if i don't achieve my goals

If i manage to not achieve my goals i will do anything i can to get a good job and hopefully make lots of money and do all the things i like in that job.
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