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December 19-23, 2022

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Holy Family Catholic School is a welcoming learning community that awakens the hearts and minds of students while educating and nurturing each to learn, live fully, and serve others.

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Mark Your Calendars!

Dec. 19:

Monday Morning Prayer Assembly (Virtual)

Dress Like an Elf Day

Dec. 20:

Rec. Academy - Planet Lazer

Christmas Cookie and a Story Day

Dec. 21:

Healthy Hunger - Bar Burrito

Nativity Bingo

Dec. 22:

Rec. Academy - Millenium Place Swimming

Decorate Your Teacher Day

Dec. 23:

Last Day of Classes

PJ Day

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4th Sunday in Advent

The fourth and final Sunday of Advent in 2022 will be on Sunday, December 18th. Advent is the season in which believers eagerly anticipate the celebration of Christ’s birth. Reading, prayer, and reflection are ways we can cultivate a sense of holy anticipation this Advent. On the fourth Sunday of Advent, we meditate on the peace that Jesus brings to our hearts and our world.

Scripture is the place we can find the promises of God. Let us meditate on these truths and allow them to comfort our hearts this Advent season!

2 Thessalonians 3:16 says, “Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you.”

This week we focus our hearts on the “Lord of peace” who came down from heaven in the form of a baby. God knows that we are in a constant battle against fear! Fear wants to cripple us, to push us to react rather than carefully respond, and fear steals our joy. God has given us the gift of peace so we can live joy-filled lives!

Over this Advent, would you pray that God’s unexplainable peace would be evident in your heart and home? This year we all have faced so much chaos and uncertainty. God’s peace is something we need to grab tightly onto more than ever. May God’s spirit transform the days leading up to Christmas into a time to joyfully await our King!

Fourth Sunday of Advent Meaning and Symbolism

The word Advent comes from the Latin word adventus, which means “coming.” Advent in the 4th and 5th centuries was a time of preparation for the baptism of new Christians. Christians would spend 40 days in prayer and fasting to prepare for the celebration that accompanied the baptism of new believers. Over time, advent was connected to the coming of Christ. Originally, Christians used this term to reference Christ’s second coming, but by the Middle Ages Advent was connected to Christ’s first coming that we celebrate at Christmas. Today, we celebrate Advent over the four Sundays leading up to Christmas each year.

The Advent season is an invitation for us all to choose to set aside the fear and uncertainty that has defined 2020. It’s a chance to be intentional about taking our focus off of the hustle of the Christmas season. We can also give to God the sadness that many may be feeling as many of us will need to observe the holiday season differently this year. This fourth Advent Sunday we are reminded that Jesus offers us peace in every season and nothing is impossible with him!

The fourth candle of Advent is called the “Angel Candle” and symbolizes peace. This name comes from the fact that the angels announced that Jesus came to bring peace (Luke 2:14). This week we are reminded that Jesus came to bring peace to our hearts and to our world!

adapted from: https://www.crosswalk.com/special-coverage/christmas-and-advent/peaceful-readings-and-prayers-for-the-fourth-sunday-of-advent.html

The Grinch Visits The Doug - Grinch Needs Love Part 4

On June 30th, 2021, a fire destroyed the 113 yr old St. Jean Baptiste Parish Church in Morinville. This Advent, our school division is raising funds to help support the rebuilding of the church by helping the Grinch to grow his heart. The Grinch has kidnapped “The Doug” to stop him from sharing the joy of Christmas. The Grinch needs our love! If we raise enough money, we can help the Grinch's heart to grow, and he'll return “The Doug”. To donate go to: grinchneedslove.com

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There's Still Time to Fill the Tree!

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Friends of Holy Family is always looking for helping hands! If you are able and willing please contact emmakbwolfe@gmail.com


Hot Lunch

Our hot lunch program continues to run twice a month for students in Grades 1-6. You will need to set up an account for your child. Our school is listed as Friends of Holy Family Catholic School. Orders are due 5 days before each hot lunch date. If you have any questions or can volunteer to hand out lunch, please contact Jonelle at kreiserj@shaw.ca
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Holy Family Catholic Parish

We are dedicated to building a Catholic, Christian community that prepares our students to know, model, and witness Jesus Christ. Our faith theme this year is ”ARISE: GO WITH GOD”. Pope Francis speaks directly to all young people, especially students, with a call to ARISE. He wants to inspire today’s youth to use their God-given gifts and talents to make the world a better place.

Fr. Antony from Holy Family Parish

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Looking ahead

Upcoming Events:

Jan. 9: Classes resume

Jan. 13: No Kindergarten classes

Jan. 19: Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten Expo at ESSACHS