Miley Cyrus' Resilience

By: Melody Holmes

In The Beginning

Miley has always been known as the "good" girl. The girl parents wanted their little girls to look up to. Many of Miley's recent concerts have had fewer fans show up due to her "inappropriate" behavior. In his article, "Parents Say No Way to Miley Cyrus", Randy Martin interviews a parent who says,"If parents are going to let their kids go to see her, it has to be on a very short leash with very clear boundaries in place" (Martin).

Along The Way

Throughout her career Miley has changed little things about herself many times, but this time her change was bigger than her past changes. In an interview with Piers Morgan, Billy Ray Cyrus (Miley's Dad) talks about his feeling towards her transformation, and in the interview Piers shows Billy Ray a video clip of a small speech Miley gives before one of her songs. In the speech miley says "You're always gonna make people talk, you might as well make em' talk for two weeks rather than two seconds". Even through the transformation while everyone is throwing hate towards her, her father, Billy Ray, stays by her side. Although he does not approve a lot of things she has and is doing, he doesn't leave her side or stop loving her.

Things Don't go too well

Not long after Miley's shocking performance at the VMA's Miley and Liam split? Liam ended the engagement not too long after the VMA's, He didn't enjoy the "dance routine" between Miley and Robin Thicke did at the show. He found himself embarrassed with her performance! Although they are not together he still wishes her the best and is very happy with her success. He also says He and Miley could still work out, he just does not enjoy many things she has been doing.
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