Art of Interpretation

Summer 2016 Online


It is a privilege to journey with you as we go deeper in learning how to approach, read, and grow in our grasp of Scripture. There is no book quite like the Bible. At times it can be daunting and overwhelming, and no one can claim to interpret it flawlessly. At the same time, its message about the love of God is easy enough for a child to understand. The truth is, with some instruction, earnest effort, and an openness to the Spirit, growth in our understanding of and ability to read the Bible is a perfectly attainable goal. That is my hope for this class.

A bit of background on me. I grew up in a Christian home but really embraced my faith more deeply in college, where I began to understand the love and grace of God in new ways. After college, I felt called to ministry and decided to go to seminary. There I deeply enjoyed learning more about the Scriptures, and so I decided to go on for more education and earned a Ph.D. in New Testament studies. Since graduating, I have mainly done freelance biblical research, but I am excited for the opportunity to teach through William Jessup.

Another fun fact about me is that in recent times I have developed a newfound love for coffee roasting, and my wife and I are currently starting a small coffee roasting business here in Indianapolis, where we live with our three kids. Through all these things, a love for the Bible, along with a desire to help others understand it and draw near to God through it, remains a core value and passion for me.

My hope and prayer for you is that this course will lessen apprehension you may have about approaching the Bible, help you become better readers of Scripture, and kindle your joy in the life-giving means of grace the Bible can be, all the while leading to a closer relationship with God.

Please prepare for Week 1 by downloading and carefully reading the syllabus. Then, be sure to work through the Jessup Online Orientation so you will be completely prepared to start our class on Day 1. Finally, please tell us something about yourself in the Introductions Forum.

If you have questions, concerns, or prayer requests, please feel free to contact me. I am very much looking forward to our time together this semester.


Andy Hassler, Ph.D.