the greatest artiest in the world

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This is one of his famous statues of himself.


  • Went to parts of Rome for his paintings they were famous at that time.
  • He was a Italian scupter who did bronze statues.Like this one on the right.
  • Studied painting in Florence Italy.


  • Jeremiah Is one of his most famous statues.
  • The door of Apostles and the door of Martyrs were one of his greatest achievements of all time people still walk in the doors today.
  • The saint mark is one of his most famous statue in Florence Italy in the guild hall.
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Impact on today

  • Used perspective in his paintings he was very skilled at painting.And we still use it today.
  • He made a fountain in the courtyard for the Medici family.That people still go to see.
  • He made two sculptures that showed how Crist was murdered.And people still look at them on how Crist died.
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Interesting facts

  • He did lots of bronze scuppers.
  • He worked in a shop in Florence.
  • He made a huge bell tower.


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