Morse Vs Frederick

All you need to know about the case


An overview of the case is a high school senior walked into a school event with a banner that "Bong Hits 4 Jesus". The school principle Deborah Morse told the student him to put the banner away. He failed to listen therefore she confiscated it. He was originally suspended from school for 10 days violating school policy. He took it to court and said that the Morse was violating his 1st amendment right.

Constitutional reference

The U.S District Court for Alaska ruled for Morse, saying that what Frederick did was protected by the 1st amendment. The U.S court of appeals for the 9th circuit said that his banner was constitutionally protected. However that was overturned. They have the right to prohibit the banner because it is not a political statement and is viewed as promoting illegal drug use.

Landmark it left and eyes of the court on the case

The event occurred in 2002, therefore it has left more of a landmark because it is a more recent case that people are more likely to talk about in this time. With teens speaking their mind whether it be through social media or a banner, this case is a great example of consequences for the actions we choose. The court agrees with Morse that others who have or would seen the banner would have interpreted it as promoting illegal drug use, which violated school policy.