What's News At Magee?

October #2


If you have been downtown Genesee Depot you may have spotted some scarecrows about town! The Magee staff created the scarecrows in teams - deciding themes and attire together.

Along with the kindness posters that were done in late August, we want to be visible in our community. We have actually received a thank you note from a resident who loves the effort and decoration for the holidays!

As a staff, we feel this is so important that it is a part of our building action plan. We are intentionally working to make Magee, and KM, visible in the community!

Computer Science at Magee

Magee staff and students are excited to share with families our Computer Science Epic Builds this year. This year we will be doing it a little differently. When a grade level finishes their Robotics or Lego Epic Build, they will invite families to school to view their projects. The other grade levels will put their Epic Build on Seesaw for families to see. Each grade level will invite families to school one time this year.

Our first Epic Build of the year will be Monday, November 25th. Third grade will be sending an invite to families to come to school to view their Lego WeDo Epic Builds. Kindergarten, first, second, fourth and fifth grades will be putting their Epic Build projects on Seesaw to share with families. Also, look for our Keynote presentation that will be shared on Seesaw. That will give some background on the importance of computer science and an overview of all the great work students have been doing this fall.

Thank you for your support!

Champion Creatively Alive Children Award

It's true! We did win a Championing Creative Children Award from Crayola and NAESP (National Association of Elementary School Principals)! The 2019 program provides grants for innovative, creative leadership team building within elementary/middle schools. The award includes $1,000 in Crayola materials, they arrived on Friday. Along with $2,500 for teacher professional development.

We are excited about this opportunity and will share our journey with you!

Trailblazer Award

Congratulations to Ms. Laura Dahm for being recognized with the Trailblazer Award at the 10th Annual Convening on Personalized Learning this in early October. Ms. Dahm is the Director of Instructional Coaching in KM and was previously the Director of KM Explore. In the 19-20 school year, we are lucky enough to have Ms. Dahm working at Magee with both teachers and students. Congratulations on the well-deserved recognition!

Girls On The Run

Magee is once again planning to offer the Girls on the Run program to 3rd-5th grade girls in Spring 2020. Dates haven't been finalized for the spring season yet, but the 10 week season will start early/mid March and the 5K at the end of the season will be at Miller park in late May/early June. We are currently looking for individuals that are interested in helping coach. As a coach for Girls on the Run, you’ll receive tools and training to lead a team of girls toward their goals and help them recognize their limitless potential. No coaching or running experience is necessary. For more information about the Girls on the Run program, visit girlsontherun.org. If you are interested in coaching or have any questions please email Karli at karlijoolson@gmail.com.

Down Syndrome Month ~ Written and submitted by Ashley Reyes

October is when the cool fall weather starts to really show itself, when children start to settle in at school, when they get excited to dress up and collect candy from the neighbors. October is a lot of things, but it is also Down syndrome awareness month.

Down syndrome – known in the medical field by its technical name ‘Trisomy 21’ - is the most common chromosomal condition with about 1 in every 700 babies being diagnosed in the United States. The “trisomy” means ‘tri’ - or 3 – chromosomes of the 21st chromosome. People who do not have Down syndrome, only have two of each of the 23 chromosomes, giving a typical person a total of 46 chromosomes compared to a person with Down syndrome who has 47. This extra chromosome is what gives Down syndrome its distinctive physical features, including but not limited to almond shaped eyes and short stature, as well as cognitive and speech delays. Every person with Down syndrome experiences these features and delays differently just as each typical person has different strengths and weaknesses.

However, while these are things that many people with Down syndrome have in common with each other, a person with Down syndrome is more alike with their family and their typical peers than different. People with Down syndrome enjoy the same things that others enjoy and want the same things out of life that any person wants. With the right learning environment and educational tools, and with support from family, friends and medical professionals, people with Down syndrome can excel. They can read and write, count money, cook and do housework, go to college, hold a job, live on their own and some people with Down syndrome these days even drive. We have come so far as a society recognizing that people with Down syndrome are more alike than different, but there is still a little more work to do. That is why October is Down syndrome awareness month, or rather, as some people these days are celebrating, Down syndrome “acceptance” month.

*Statistical data for this article was retrieved on 10/17/19 from the National Down syndrome Society website, where you can also find more information at www.ndss.org. (https://www.ndss.org/about-down-syndrome/down-syndrome-facts/)

Dates to Remember...

10/31 - Halloween Parade at 1:30pm; Early Release 3:05pm

11/4 - No School for Students Parent Teacher Conferences

11/7 - Vision Screening; School Finance 101 at Dousman Elementary; Early Release 3:05pm

11/12 - Disney Day; School Board Meeting 7pm at KMHS Library

11/14 - Early Release 3:05pm; PTO Scoopie Night at Culver's 4:30-7:30pm

11/15 - Popcorn Day

11/21 - Early Release 3:05pm

11/25 - Epic Build (please see information above)

11/26 - Fall Day

11/27 - Fine Arts Day; Half Day-Release at 12:30pm

11/28-12/1 - No School-Thanksgiving Break

12/2 - Return to School