Puerto Rico


Political Situation

Puerto Rico is a commonwealth. Puerto Rico is unincorporated and territory of The United States.

Favorite Sport

Puerto Rico's favorite sport is baseball. They face teams from Venezuela, México and the Dominican Republic.


The most known animal in Puerto Rico is the coqui, a small frog.

Capital and Population

The capital of Puerto Rico is San Juan. The population is 3.6 million.


The currency of Puerto Rico is The United States dollar.

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Interesting Places

El Yunque: Rainforest located in Northern Puerto Rico,

Castillo de San Cristóbal: Spanish fort in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Arecibo Observatory: Radio telescope in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Parque de la Ceiba: Passive park

El Morro: National monument in Puerto Rico

Types of Music/Dance

The traditional type of music in Puerto Rico is Bomba. Bomba is a mixture of three main cultures in the island.

Another type of music in Puerto Rico is Reggaeton.

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Famous People from Puerto Rico

1. Daddy Yankee: Latin Recording Artist

2. Ricky Martin: Recording Artist

3. Joseline Hernandez: Entertainer, Starred on Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta

Puerto Rican Food

Carne Guisada (Stewed Beef)

Pastelón (Sweet Plantain & Beef Lasagna)

Pasteles (Green Banana Mass with Pork Filling, similar to a Mexican Tamale)

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