J. Edgar Hoover

The first Director of the FBI of the United States

Earlier in life

John Edgar Hoover was born in Washington, D.C. on January 1, 1895. Upon completing high school, he began working at the Library of Congress and attending night classes at George Washington University Law School. In 1916, he was awarded his LL.B. and the next year his LL.M. He was homosexual.

Joining the FBI

Immediately after getting his degree, Hoover was hired by the Justice department to work in the War Emergency Division. He soon became the head of the Division's Alien Enemy Bureau, authorized by President Wilson at the beginning of WW1 to arrest and jail disloyal foreigners without trial. He received additional authority from the 1917 Espionage act. Out of a list of 1400 suspicious Germans living in the U.S., the Bureau arrested 98 and designated 1,172 as arrestable.
J. Edgar Hoover bio

The end of J. Edgar Hoover

Hoover was a consultant to Warner Bros. for a 1959 theatrical film about the FBI, An FBI and in 1965 on Warner Bros.' long-running spin-off television series, The FBI Hoover personally made sure that Warner Bros. would portray the FBI more favorably than other crime dramas of the times. Hoover maintained strong support in Congress until his death at his Washington, D.C., home on May 2, 1972, from a heart attack attributed to cardiovascular disease.