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Woods Creek School Calendar

12/12- Portillo's For Good Fundraiser- 5pm-8pm

12/12- PTO meeting 7pm

12/16- Board Meeting 7-8pm at the CORE Center

12/21- 1/6- Winter Break

1/6- Classes Resume!

ELA: Comparing Literature

In ELA, we have been reading fables, folktales, pourquois tales, and will be introducing trickster tales this week. We are learning about the various elements in each of these types of tales! We also introduced "point of view" and how different characters view things differently. We read the story, "How Chipmunk Got His Stripes." Together, we discussed Bear's and Chipmunk's points of view while providing text evidence. The students are having a blast comparing these different types of tales!


In math, we have been learning all about measurement and shapes. Thus far, we practiced measuring with centimeter rulers, added to find the perimeter of a shape, and discussed the properties of various plane and 3D shapes. We will be constructing rectangular prisms and introducing the tape measure this week! We plan to wrap up, this short unit, toward the end of this week. We will be testing on Unit 3 before we leave for break. Please be on the lookout for the Unit 3 study guide...coming soon!

Social Studies

The past few weeks in Social Studies, we spent time learning about the history of Thanksgiving. Together, we read several Thanksgiving themed books about the first Thanksgiving and how Thanksgiving came to be. The students had a blast learning about the Pilgrims and Native Americans!

Sneak upcoming weeks, we will be learning about how the holidays are celebrated in different countries around the world! I am sure you will be hearing all about the different countries we learn about soon!

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Book Order

Book orders are one of the best way to give back to our classroom! When you place a book order for your child, the teacher receives points to exchange for books, games, and other materials for the classroom. If you would like to place a book order, please click on the link below:

Thank you for your support of our classroom!

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