Tropical Rainforest

By: Maddie and Clair


The temperatures in a Tropical Rain Forest usually stay in the same range. Most days, the temperatures range from 75-80 degrees. Tropical Rain Forests are lush and warm all year long.

Plants in this area

In this area there are many plants. One example would be a plant called Epiphyte. This is a plant that lives on the bottom of other plants, usually the trunks and branches. Another plant is the orchid. This is a flowering plant. Finally, there is the Bromeliads. The Bromeliad is another flowering plant.

Animals that live in this area

In this area, many different kinds of animals live here. One animal is the New World Monkey. This monkey is well adapted to its environment because of its tail. Its tail helps him because it helps him to swing from tree to tree without being caught. Another animal is the Rat Kangaroo. This animal lives in a rain forest in Australia. This animal is well adapted to its environment because of its size. This way, it can fit in small spaces where predators can not get to it.The final animal is the alligator. The alligator uses his large jaws to clamp down on his prey.


Some locations are, Australia, Latin America, Chile, Southeast Asia, West Africa, Pacific Islands.

Natural Resources

A few natural resources in my environment are, wood for fires, water, for drinking, and sunlight for energy.


People are harming the environment by cutting down trees, mining for gold and also making the land an area where cattle can roam.

Water Falls

There are many waterfalls in rain forests.

Unique Characteristics

Precipitation- More than 100 inches

Latitude-23 degrees north

Seasonal- wet and dry season

Fun Facts

A few facts that I found interesting were the animals that lived here. They are all so graceful. I also thought that it was cool how it was warm all season!