Staff Update: April 10th, 2014

Nuevas Fronteras and Crestview Elementary Schools

Kudos and Celebrations!

  • Way to go, Ryan Johnson and the Crestview/Nuevas Choir! Your concert was both entertaining and inspirational. Great job!
  • Kudos also to Kathryn Buccola and the Nuevas/Crestview Orchestra! Tuesday night's concert was a huge success!
  • Muchas Gracias to Amanda Nilles and Jade Hibbard for leading the Nuevas PLC on Tech Resources... it was tech-fabuloso!
  • Congratulations to 2014 Honorees Sandra Pugh (40 years) and Lisa LeMay (25 years). Both will be honored at the Annual Employee Celebration on May 12th.
  • Thanks to Linnea Gamache for creating the video mash-up from our Reading Olympics closing ceremony- the video is below!
  • Happy Belated Birthday to Amanda Nilles (4/7) and Happy Birthday to Yolanda Groess (4/15)!
Crestview and Nuevas Fronteras Reading Olympic Mash-up 2014

All Staff: MCA Reminders- PLEASE READ!!!!

Over the next 4 weeks, students in grades 3-5 will be taking the MCA assessments. Next week, Tuesday and Wednesday, all 3-5th graders in both buildings will be taking a paper-pencil Reading assessment in their classrooms. Teachers, Staff and Students can support the students who are testing by:

  • Maintaining silence in the hallways (and being especially considerate of locker noise around the classrooms where testing is occurring).
  • Walking all students out to recess through the EAST doors (by the TEACHER'S LOUNGE). Please do not walk your class past the 4th/5th grade rooms, as they will be testing!
  • Encouraging each other. Testing can be stressful on both kids and staff! Reach out to your peeps in Grades 3-5 with an extra dose of kindness and support over the next few weeks!


Tuesday, April 15th and Wednesday, April 16th

Crestview Grade 3: 8:20 to 9:20 11:30-12:30

Crestview Grade 4: 9:30-10:30 12:30-1:30

Crestview Grade 5: 9:30-10:30 12:30-1:30

Nuevas Grade 3: 10 AM – Noon (both sections with a break in between)

Nuevas Grade 4: 9:30-11:30 (both sections with a break in between)

Nuevas Grade 5: 9:40 -10:40 AM 1:45 -2:45 PM

Upcoming Meeting Schedule:

April 16th/17th- Staff Meetings

April 23/24th- PLCs

April 30/May1- Committee Meetings

Next Week at a Glance:

The Admin Team has bus and door duty next week- anyone who is willing to help us out would be much appreciated!

Crestview Elementary and Nuevas Fronteras Spanish Immersion




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