State Facts

Texas Introduction

Texas has many incredible things to offer.You will learn about the state facts resources really cool land forms and amazing places to visit.I hope you learn a lot about Texas and visit the Lone Star State.

State Facts

Texas has lots of cool facts like nickname,state motto and state bird.Texas has a lot of fabulous facts like the nickname The Lone Star State.Did you know Texas got its nickname from its flag only having one star because it used to be a separate country.Texas also used to be apart of mexico and then went to the us.Texas state motto is friendship and has been since 1930.And because the people who live in Texas want to know that a lot of friendly people live there.The mocking bird is also the state bird in florida and tennessee.The nickname state motto and state bird is just a couple of this states amazing facts.

Texas Resources

Texas has many resources including crops and livestock.Some crops like cotton grains and pecan nuts.Since 1880 Texas has led all states in cotton production.The Texas longhorn is a breed of cattle known for its horns.Texas has the most farms cattle and beef cows in the United States.Crops and livestock are only some of the many resources in Texas.

Texas Landforms

Texas has a little bit of land forms in it.Such as Rio grande prairies hills swamps high plains and Guadalupe mountains.Rio grande is a valley that boarders mexico.Guadalupe mountains is a national park for tourism .Rio grande and Guadalupe national park are just a few of the land forms in the Lone Star State.

Texas Fun Places To Visit

Texas has many fun places to visit one is Six Flags Over Texas theme park .One of the really cool rides is the Texas Giant.Six Flags Over Texas got its name from six flags that flew over Texas.People can play games and go on rides.Six Flags Over Texas is only one of Texas fun places to visit.

Texas Conclusion

Texas is a amazing place to visit.I told you about cool fun facts some resources incredible land forms and a fun place to visit.I hope you learned a lot about Texas and visit the Lone Star State.