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What's Up? Classroom and Communications Skills Program

Welcome to our first newsletter.........

Hello EC families! So this will be our newsletter format for this school year! This is my first attempt at using this format, so bear with me, and also please let me know what you think! I want this to work best for YOU, our important EC families! If you have any suggestions, comments, ideas.....PLEASE - let me know! Let's try this! HERE WE GO!

Ms. Leslie :)

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Guess What's Coming Up?

Check this out......

This section of our newsletter will focus on what our "theme" will be that we explore for the next few weeks! Right now we are getting ready for our second week of " Me and My Friends!" During this next week we will be matching pictures of ourselves and our friends! We will continue to read our alligator story! Our alligator story uses an alligator puppet who pretends to eat our body parts! The kiddos LOVE it! We will be making Kool Aid paint at project, and using shaving cream at Art Station! We will continue to use our communication boards and pictures throughout all activities to continue to promote communication! We're learning, growing, and having fun!

Ms. Tina's Tidbits!

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In this section of our newsletter, Ms. Tina will be giving some language and communication tips to use that will connect home and school! Our language and communication is a integral part of our classroom, and we all want to be on the same page!


  • Put a favorite toy out of reach. What this does is encourages your child to use some form of communication (gesture, picture, verbalization) to get your attention to obtain the toy!
  • What is developmentally appropriate for language? We get this question often! Please follow the link below to look over one language developmental chart!

Let's Get Messy......Sensory Ideas for Home!

One awesome activity to help your child get used to being messy and touching materials that may not be their favorite to play with.....SHAVING CREAM! Include language as you pretend you can't get the cap off, or you can't get it to squirt out! After squirting some on the table, play, make lines, make shapes, make faces, letters.....have fun! It is easy to clean up and also helps clean surfaces!

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We've Got Skills!

In this section of our newsletter you will find skills we work on in our classroom. Some skills, you will notice, might be listed quite a lot, but they are skills that we are continually working on now and always! The rest of the list consists of things that may go with our theme, or they are newer skills we are trying to acquire! Here is what we have been working on thus far during our first couple of weeks! We are already seeing LOTS of great things! OH, and please don't think this list is all we work on! These are highlights of our hard daily work!

  • Sharing materials
  • Following our classroom routine, using a picture schedule
  • Taking something off of the flannel board, or placing a picture on to a picture or flannel board
  • Simple motor imitations (clapping hands, tapping legs, waving, giving high five's)
  • Starting to recognize our pictures and pictures of friends
  • Finding and touching our body parts (head, nose, ear, eyes)

Check out what we are learning!


Thursday, Sep. 12th 2013 at 5:30-6:30pm

13535 Cumberland Road

Fishers, IN

This is our rescheduled picnic date! I hope families can still come! Please RSVP again on your child's daily sheet or by email:

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Special Notes and Upcoming News/Events

  • EC beginning of the year picnic, this Thursday, Sept. 12th, 5:30-6:30 pm our EC playground at CRE
  • EC Picture Day - Wednesday, Sept. 25th, info coming home
  • Continue to watch the calendar for upcoming EC parent information nights! Childcare is provided for these evenings!

Check This Out.....

One of our favorites from 2nd Circle!

2nd Circle typically happens at the end of our day. It involves using some kind of video clip, or iPad app that is motivating and at the same time has TONS of concepts we can work on and learn from! Transitioning to our 2nd Circle is one of our easiest transitions!

ABC Song in the Sea