By: Cole Speed and Savanna Smith

Why is overfishing a problem?

Overfishing is a problem because we are losing species as well as entire ecosystems. We are also in risk of losing valuable food sources.
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What are the negative effects on the ecosystem?

Overfishing can wipe out species of fish and destroy food sources. This can wipe out an ecosystem completely and destroy food chains.

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What is one of the main regions in North America affected by Overfishing?

The Pacific ocean is one of the main areas affected by Overfishing.

What wildlife is most affected?

Marine life is most affected because over fishing decreases fish population and can destroy ecosystems.

How could Overfishing affect us locally?

Our local fish markets could shut down and the ecosystems can be destroyed.

Are people affected from Overfishing?

Yes because fisherman could not make money and people would eating less fish.

What causes Overfishing?

More fishing company's each year catch and kill millions of fish they could wipe out giant schools of fish.

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If we could come up with solutions, we would cut down fishing company's and make laws about over fishing.

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