Chasing Lincoln's Killer

Persuasive Bulletin Board by Connor Flynn

About the book.

Chasing Lincoln's Killer by James L. Swanson is a fascinating book that delves in deep behind the scenes of the planning of Lincoln's assassination, Booth's escape, the manhunt for the conspirators, Booth's death, and execution of the key conspirators. Those individuals that are fascinated by conspiracy theories will enjoy this book.

Timeline of Conspiracy


  1. March 4: Lincoln Delivers His Second Inaugural Address
  2. March 17: Booth Plots to Kidnap Lincoln
  3. April 9: Civil War Ends
  4. April 14: The Day of the Assassination
  5. April 16: The Nation Grieves
  6. April 17: Five Conspirators Arrested
  7. April 19: Lincoln's Funeral
  8. April 20: Atzerodt Arrested, Booth, and Herold Still At Large
  9. April 21: Lincoln's Funeral Train Departs
  10. April 24: Booth and Herald in Virginia
  11. April 26: Herold Surrender, Booth Killed
  12. May 12: Conspirators Stand Trial
  13. July 7: Execution Day

Why you should read the book:

This book is fascinating in my opinion and there is way more to it than the items on my bulletin. I was astonished about this book. Those who love history (like myself) and are curious about the assassination and the conspirators, I highly recommend this book for you to read and understand. Also, I would like if you would tell everyone who would enjoy this book. -Connor Flynn


All images are from the National Archives