How can we change the earth to make it a better place!

What Have Done In The Past Thats Affecting Our Present!

In the past we have used fossil fuels such as coals, oils and gas. These supplies are going to get over soon as they cant be produced for another million years so we need to move on to a energy supply that will never get over such as sustainable energy. This energy is important and good because it does not harm the earth or dosent get over its completly natural and good. We honestly should have thought of this before.

Sustainable Resources!

The sustainable resources we have started to use are solar panels, Gray water tanks, Wind power, Hydro electricity, Electrical cars and geothermal electricity. Although these only prouduce really less of our normal energy even if it uses natural resources such as the sun light recycled water and etc were there forever we would still have to use our fossil fuels which harm our planet and are getting over really quickly. Our sustainable sources have to be used more to produce more energy they dont harm the planet either we need to start using them around the planet to make a difference.

How Can We Change The Future!

How can we help the planet well obviously throw your rubbish in the bin so our marine life doesn't get harmed we should recylce so we dont have to use our fossil fuels to create the whole new thing recycling is good. and off course we should think of new inventions maybe Happy-Metre, Using Vegetables, Running metre and lots more who knows we might use these in future!


In summary we should use more sustainable resources to save our planet from a WIPEOUT!