Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

By: Jaycee Brown

Top 10 Events

1)Little man and Cassie get swats because they wouldn't accept their book.

2) Mama covered up the books so no one else would see it.

3)The kids dug a hole in the rode&made the white kids bus break down.

4)Stacey and T.J. got in a fight and they went to the Wallace Store.

5)Mama got people to stop shopping at the Wallace store and start shopping in Vicksburg.

6)Mr. Sims pushed Cassie off of the sidewalk

7)Mama got fired

8)The Night men hurt Papa.

9)T.J., Melvin, and R.W. robbed the Barnett store.

10)T.J. and his family were thrown out of their house &T.J. went to jail.

My Favorite Character

My favorite character is Cassie. She is very outgoing, brave, and adventurous. I like her because she's not afraid to tell you whats on her mind. I relate to Cassie because of her experiences.I think me and Cassie would definitely get along with each other. We both have gone through a lot in our life and are ready for the world.


Culture is a prejudice in this world today. Some people judge people about the clothes they wear, the foods they eat, and the things they do, but what those people don't know is they do that stuff because of their culture. Positives about it is that their trying to be their selves and not try to be someone their not. Negatives is that they get judged about it even though they might be the nicest person you've ever met. People cause this prejudice. They judge based on looks and if it's not appealing to the eye then they will judge and think poorly of you. I think this prejudice is really unfair to people today. We can stop this prejudice by just being kind to each other.
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