Antartica Ice Caps Melting

By: Kristin Finley

Waters Importance

Water is very important to the world. Humans and animals have to have water to survive. That's why the is so much water on the earth. About 70% of the earth is covered in water. But the majority of water isn't fresh water. The majority of the water on the earth is salt water. salt water you can’t drink. If you were to drink salt water there would be a harmful chemical created in your stomach that could potentially kill you. The chemical is created because there is way too much salt in salt water that your body can handle. Only 2% of all the water in the earth is freshwater. But the majority of fresh water is trapped in glaciers and ice caps. We aren't helping with the problem though because we are polluting the world right now. We are polluting the fresh water by using chemicals and then with rain they go down in the ground and get out without fresh water. Also in poor countries there are people that use their water source as there bathroom. In turn with all this we are polluting our water. This is actually making it worse in parts of the world cause the polluting is causing global warming which in turn causes droughts in part of the world. In some countries water is so scarce that they're going to war over the little bit of water they got. so we need to stop polluting our water sources and be cleaner in the world.

What causes ice caps to melt

The main thing that causes Antarctic's ice to melt is global warming. And global warming is caused by everybody around the earth. If people around the earth would be better at being cleaner and not polluting the earth we wouldn't have to deal with global warming. If we didn't have to deal with global warming we wouldn't have to deal with Antartica's ice melting. So humans should stop polluting the world so the earth will last longer.

Water For Life

Antarctica ice caps melting is a really big problem. With as much ice as that there is thats melting it causes major problems. Some problems it creates are an over flow on the sea, because of all the water its adding, also fresh a decrease in freshwater because the ice caps are fresh water but then when it melts it goes into the salt water and becomes saltwater.

Causes of Antarctica's ice melting

If Antarctica's ice continues to melt then a lot of problems could occur. There would be problems like, the rise of sea water, loss of freshwater,we could even loose land of the sea water rises to much. It would be a terrible thing to have happen and if we don't change then we will have to deal with that happening.

What we can do to save the world so the earth can live longer

In order to stop all the terrible effects of ice caps melting we would have to change the way humans live. We would have to stop polluting the world which is a lot easier said then done. People really need to try there best to stop polluting the world so we can end global warming and all the bad effects of global warming and other polluting problems.