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Monday Memo - October 3, 2022

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Washburne Families,

It is hard to believe that October is here. Washburne students have been engaged from the beginning and we are proud of the hard work our students put in each day. Our staff is excited to share more, and meet with, families next week as fall conferences begin. Washburne students and staff are also excited to host Autumnfest this Friday, October 7th. Autumnfest is our student-led carnival in which each advisory creates a fun booth or activity that raises funds for a cause chosen by our students. We couldn’t be more proud of our students and how they embrace service learning. Please keep an eye out for a separate message later this week containing information related to the food that will be available as part of this event.

Take Care and Be Well,

Andrew Fenton & Ben Horwitz

Washburne Principal & Assistant Principal

Fall Conference Information

We are looking forward to fall conferences, which will take place on Thursday, October 13th and Friday, October 14th. If you have not scheduled a conference with your child’s advisor, please reach out to them this week.

Conferences can be held online via Zoom or in person based on your family’s preference.

Students should be in attendance for their conferences.

Panorama SEL Survey

The Panorama Student SEL Survey will be administered in grades K-8 between October 3-7th, 2022 as part of our District-wide strategic plan goal to support SEL which is explained below:

Positive Culture & Well Being:

A culture of positive well-being amongst students, staff and community serves as a catalyst for continual growth. Relationships and understanding of others are prioritized to promote educational excellence, equity, and resilience. Understanding personal identities and self-awareness is used to facilitate better connections in an increasingly complex world.

The surveys will provide data to help inform our efforts to support the well-being of all students, teachers and staff.

Teachers in K-2 will complete the Teacher’s Perceptions of Student’s SEL for each of their students. Based on this year’s goals, the survey focuses on four areas: Grit, Self Management, Emotional Regulation, and Engagement.

Students in grades 3-8 will complete the two survey modules during their advisory/meeting time. We are administering this survey as part of our District-wide goal to support SEL for all students. Based on this year's goals, the survey focuses on seven areas: Emotional Regulation, Self Management, Grit, Sense of Belonging, Engagement, School Climate and School Safety.

All staff will take the Panorama Teacher and Staff Survey. The staff and teacher survey focuses on five areas: Wellbeing, Belonging, SEL Professional Learning, School Climate, and Efficacy.

Basketball Season is Coming

Basketball season is approaching quickly. In order to provide better information and answer any questions about the season, there will be an informational zoom meeting for parents on Thursday, October 6 at 6:45. Please use this link to access the call.

In order to participate in travel basketball, all students must be registered and have a medical clearance form or current physical on file at school.

(Registration should be open by October 10th)

If you have any questions, please contact Andy Becker at

What’s Happening in Related Studies

In this section we will be shining the spotlight on our Related Studies program and all the wonderful opportunities available to our Washburne students.

Students in Industrial Arts are currently working on their C02 car project. This is a five-week activity, in which students use the engineering design loop to create a car. During this project students learn about thumbnail sketches, multi view drawings, and the science that goes into making a fast car. Once the car has been created, they test the efficiency of their designs using a wind tunnel to measure drag, a fog tunnel that highlights the vehicles’ aerodynamic qualities, and a test track that measures speed. This year the cars are made from a new material; instead of wood, we are using a high-density foam that is lighter in weight which should result in even faster race times.

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Skokie / Washburne Chess Club

Thursdays 7:45-8:15am – Skokie Cafeteria – 10/13-12/22/2022

Come join the Thursday mornings “brain-warm-up” with CHESS. A professional instructor will

provide a high-level of instruction which will include not only the basics but expand to opening

theory, tactics and strategies for the middle game, plus cover end game combinations in order to checkmate the opponent’s King. The student will receive instruction, be supervised during game playing periods and receive personal feedback on their play. Chess-Ed is the premiere provider of professional school chess enrichment programs and will be providing this series of classes from 10/13 through 12/22/2022.

Students will also develop life skills such as critical and analytical thinking, decision making,

patience, focus, problem solving, the ability to be gracious in winning and how to turn loss into a learning experience for future success. All these skills lead to greater academic success as well as success throughout life.


District 36 News

September 27th “Keeping Our Schools Safe Together” Presentations

Students and staff gathered together for a morning assembly at all five schools on September 27th. The presentation included information about seeing something and saying something, being an up-stander and what steps to take if you are in an unsafe situation. While this was a natural opportunity for us to review these things with our students, we made it clear that there are situations in which the safest way to be an up-stander means calling for help–whether that is dialing 911 or getting an adult. We also wanted to recognize that there are going to be instances that if unreported, could escalate into something worse, and want our students to know who they can go to in their school for help.

The presentation slides are linked below.

K-4 Presentation

5-8 Presentation

Downsized Capital Improvement Plan

As a member of The Winnetka Public School community, we want to ensure you are informed about the improvements to all five schools as part of the 2022 Downsized Capital Improvement Plan: Referendum, which was adopted as a resolution by the School Board on August 16th and will be on the ballot November 8th. You are invited to attend an upcoming informational session, in person or via Zoom. Please see the image below for further information, or visit our website at

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Parent Education Sessions from District Partner Family Action Network (FAN):

For upcoming events, access FAN’s website here.

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Facebook and Twitter: @Winnetka36

Instagram: @WinnetkaPublicSchools

Upcoming Dates

Wednesday, October 5th: No School - Religious Holiday

Friday, October 7th: Autumnfest

Thursday, October 13th: Early Dimissal 11:50am - Parent Teacher Conferences

Friday, October 14th: No School - Parent Teacher Conferences