European Union country project

By: Alexis Reynolds

Country name


When did Netherlands join the European Union

Netherlands joined the EU in 1951

Was the Netherlands a founder of the EU

No Netherlands was not a founder of the EU

Was the Netherlands part of another country at one point

Netherlands was part of Spain until the Dutch declared there freedom

Where is it located

The Netherlands is Northern Europe. It touches the North Sea. Netherlands is between Belgium and Germany.

The Netherlands flag

The 16th century,William, the prince of Orangle. The flag was orrinally orange,blue,and silver. But back then they couldn't make Orangle dye that could be stable. So over time the dye turned red on the flag.


The capital is Amsterdam

4 major cities

Rotterdam,The Hague,Utrecht,Eindhoven

Places to visit in the Netherlands

Gouda is a typical Dutch city with lots of old buildings and pretty canals. Rotterdam once a mere 13th centry fishing village. Those are the places I think you should visit because of there cool history.


Very flat country with almost 25% of its land at,or below sea level

Type of money before euro

They used gold to represent money

Three interesting facts

- 75% of the worlds flower bulb productions come from Netherlands

-more than 4,000km of navigable canals,rivers,and lakes

-Netherlands is the 6 founding member of the European union