Hepatitis C Awareness Month

May 2016

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May is Hepatitis C Awareness Month

It might seem that May is a long way off, but I'm here to (obnoxiously) report that time flies when you're having fun.

In order to kick off, what I hope to be a very educational month for our clients, I've invited Bruce Burkett to come hang out in the Norman Building on the morning of April 28th. Mr Burkett is an incredibly knowledgeable guy who also has lived experience. He developed Hepatitis C infection during his time using IV drugs in the 70s. Mr Burkett is now cured and has made it his life's mission to help others become virus free like himself.

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The details aren't hammered out yet so I'm not entirely sure of a schedule, but I would love to start spreading the word about this event. If you have a client who is at risk for Hep C please let them know about this awesome opportunity. I have heard Mr Burkett speak and the resources and intellectual capital that he possesses could be of immense service to our clients.

Hep C can now be treated. As care providers we can help our infected clients lead a longer, more enjoyable life, possible entirely free of the virus.

Please visit the HepC Alliance website for more information. They are also present on social media. And as always, I appreciate you all for helping me make this happen. Thanks!

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P.S. There could be the opportunity for CEUs. Just throwing that out there :)