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Volume 6 - Newsela PRO

What is Newsela PRO?

First, lets start with the basic program, Newsela. Simply, Newsela is a platform that contains differentiated, high-interest articles/texts organized by content area. The texts are aligned to the reading standards and are published daily. The library of articles cover a wide range of subjects, (yes, even the Arts and math!), and offer opportunity for engaging close reading, with assessment tools provided.

The video below will give you an overview about what Newsela is, why it was created, and the basics of what the tool can do.

Recently, your DCHS Media Center has purchased Newsela PRO for the school. What does this mean? In addition to accessing differentiated news content and standards-based quizzes, you can now track student progress, annotate and communicate with your students right on the article and edit, view, and score write responses. It gets better! The data is collected for you, and easily accessed via your binder to give you all the information you need to provide support for each student.

Why Newsela PRO?

Because the more you read......

Newsela PRO provides teachers with a tool to improve the reading skills of our students PLUS, it provides to us the data we need to drive our instruction. Our ELA test results indicate that many of our students need improvement in reading comprehension. Improving reading skills will result in improved success overall for our students. We owe it to them to offer a proven tool that will help them - even when we know they may moan about it at first! The added bonus is that we, as educators, are provided the data for each student without having to reinvent the wheel.

OK, so how does this work?

We're glad you asked! The informational video below will give you a good idea of how Newsela works. Have you used it before? GREAT! As you view, listen for the PRO features, new to our school!

ANOTHER Login?? - NOPE! - Login via Canvas!

DCHS Media Center Staff

How can we help?

As always, your media center staff is ready and willing to support you in using the tools we provide (and some we do not!) to guide our students to success. Whether it is a quick tutorial, or a full blown collaboration, we are here for you and your students. Come see us!