Time Magazine: Africa by Arnav S.

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South Africa became an independent country in 1910 after the British defeated Afrikaners and Zulus. Apartheid was established in 1948 to divide the society based on race. This forced blacks to move to poor areas where they could not vote, had low paying jobs, went to bad schools, and were basically segregated from whites all together. For example, they had separate schools, eating places, and medical services. The blacks tried to protest. They were devastated and fed up by the terrible Apartheid. All of this stopped after President F.W. de Klerk. He released Nelson Mandella, who had spent a numerous amount of years in prison for attempting to fight Apartheid. Mandella then became the president of South Africa in 1994.


The major causes and consequences in the 21st century in Africa are malaria and HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS can be caused by transport of blood, bad quality injections, and transmission of mother to child. It is the leading cause of death in Africa. There are at least 6,300,000 people in South Africa with HIV/AIDS. The South African poverty rate is 20.2%. That can be a cause for HIV/AIDS. There is no cure currently, but if more education is applied to the disease, there would probably be less cases of the disease. Malaria is a disease carried by mosquitoes where it is tropical. More than a million people die from this disease annually. People in the sub Saharan region of Africa are at risk. Nigeria is in that area. Nigeria's poverty rate is also 60.9%. This means a lot of people can not help with the cure. Possible cures are mosquito nets and Insecticides. In Kenya, the poverty rate is about 25%. There is also some malaria in Kenya.

Independence Movements in Africa

Nigeria: Nigeria received its independence on October 1, 2015. Nigeria started many organizations or these political parties to fight against the British rule. Kenya: Kenya organized a group called Mau mau to fight against the British rule. There was a lot of fighting, and the British were actually winning at a certain period of time. Eventually, the Mau Mau got a little stressed out. The British then granted their independence in 1963. South Africa: Apartheid was really stressing out a lot of South Africans. South Africans then established a group in 1912 called ANC (African National Congress). ANC brought all races together, and fought for freedom. Eventually, people started to see Apartheid as a bad thing.