West Iredell Middle School ERPD

April 24, 2013

Learning Targets

I can explain why RtI is a proactive problem solving model.

I can describe and utilize the lab rotation model of blended learning.

I can explain the difference between remediation, intervention, and Mustang time.

I can develop strategies to differentiate in my core classroom.


Take a minute to celebrate the awesome things going on at WIMS!



Laptop time: use the next ten minutes to complete the IMPACT survey. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Purpose: The district would like to know what is already happening in the schools and what professional development needs to happen on technology and blended learning for next year.



Socrative Quiz: Test your RtI knowledge!

Socrative is a smart student response system that empowers teachers to engage their classrooms through a series of educational exercises and games via smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Go to: www.m.socrative.com and enter in room number: 787307, click join. We will take the quiz as a group.

Blended Learning: Lab Rotation Model

What is the lab rotation model?

A rotation-model implementation in which within a given course or subject (e.g., math), students rotate on a fixed schedule or at the teacher’s discretion among locations on the brick-and-mortar campus. At least one is a learning lab for predominantly online learning, and the other(s) are classroom(s) for other learning modalities.

How is this different from the station-rotation model?

The Lab-Rotation model differs from the Station-Rotation model because students rotate among locations on the campus instead of staying in one classroom for the blended course or subject.

Learning Time- Now you will rotate through a lab-rotation, below are the three labs you will visit

BREAK! Time to give the brain a break, and process. See you in 15 minutes!

Learn, Collaborate & Create

We have awesome teacher leaders who went to conferences this year. They will be sharing their knowledge with you, helping you with another blended learning example, creating awesoem strategies that you can take back and use tomorrow!

Thank you to our amazing leaders!

Erin Walle

Chelsea Schenz

Rebecca Schelling

Jennifer Domagalski

Brenda Bratton

Anita McMillian

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