Ponds and lakes

By brandina

Ponds and lakes in virgina

Abbott Lake is one lake that is located in Virgina. It is made of still, fresh water. That is what makes it a pond.  Mountain Trashmore Lake is also a lake located in Virginia.
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What type of water do ponds have?

Ponds have still, fresh water.
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Algae is one producer that live in lakes. Another producer is a cattail, they live in fresh water too. Cattails have really strong stems to help them surrvive. Algae has chlorophyll that enables it to use photosynthesis. LIlly pads are another producer that live in ponds. The submerged leaves and stems of the lilly pads are really flexible so they can move with the current.  
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Animals that live in ponds and lakes

Turtles live in ponds and lakes. They have shells that protect them from predetors. The cotton mouth snake also lives in ponds and lakes. They have heat sensing pits that help them detedct pray during night hunts. The catfish also lives in ponds and lakes. They have whiskers and taste buds that help them find food that they cant see. The large mouth bass has adapted to a diverse diet which helps it during the winter when it cant see what its eating.  The bull frog has adapted its skin to a greenish brown color to help it camofloge from predetors.

Other interesting facts

The biggest lake in the world is called the Caspian Sea. The second largest is called Lake Maracaibo. The third largest is called Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. People think these lakes are seperate but the are actually one lake.