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Way to go, buddy! What an exciting moment :o) Take a look around, cause you're going to want to remember your first days with doTERRA forever! It may not look like a big deal now, but choosing to make your personal wellness a priority means BIG positive changes in your life. By investing in you and your families health, you are laying the groundwork for a truly fulfilling life. Cheers to you!

Now, Where Do We Begin?

Have you enrolled as a Wellness Advocate yet? If not, speak with the Big Fish Advocate who sent you here and let them walk you through the best option for you. Call us at our home office weekdays from 9am-7pm EST (631) 721-5448

Do you know how to safely use and share these oils? When it comes to the immediate and dramatic effects oils can have, there's a lot you're going to want to know about how to use these oils appropriately to ensure safe and optimal benefits. Check out the safety flyer here, or click around on NEE.me, AromaticScience.com, or doTERRAtools.com for more info. You can also download the Modern Essentials app for answers on the go! *I recommend scheduling a time with the person who enrolled you to go through all the products from your first order and learn the best way to use what you've got!

Looking to learn all you can about essential oils for FREE? Get your membership approved with Justin Harrison's OilsU.com, where he has posted short videos on everything there is to know about essential oils! I highly recommend this training!! So interesting :o) For a quick overview, click through doterrauniversity.com, and for a general reference for the most popular oils and how to use them, check out our Home Essentials Flyer

Have you gotten your membership overview? After enrolling with dōTERRA as a wholesale member, there are a few things you'll want to understand before you make your next order. There are some great videos on YouTube that explain the Loyalty Rewards Program and it's money-saving benefits, or you can read the last pages of the Living Brochure. *Be sure to schedule a sit down with your enroller to discuss how to get the most out of your membership!
Have you "liked" our Facebook page? Big Fish Wellness on Facebook is a great way to check in with our upcoming events and latest info, and you can even ask questions and suggest meet-ups!

Have you attended a class yet? Look through the Upcoming Events Calendar in our Monthly Newsletter to get in some FREE hands-on education!

Do you know about our FREE online education? One of our favorite mentors is a brilliant woman by the name of Laura Jacobs, who hosts a weekly webinar Mondays at 12pm. All sessions are recorded and can be re-watched any time! Check her out here and get ready to be inspired <3

Our incredible Long Island Leader Terri Pace offers many wonderful hands-on workshops and educational seminars to feed your learning bug! Join us at her Simply Natural Solutions events listed here!

Do you know about our business opportunity? dōTERRA is a billion dollar company that compensates the people who share and teach their friends and families the miraculous benefits of essential oils- 5 different ways! Interested in learning about them all? Take a look at the compensation plan flyer and schedule a sit-down with your enroller to better understand how you can get your oils paid for, and even supplement and replace your income!
Interested in hosting a class and sharing oils with your friends and loved ones? When something comes along that truly changes your life for the better, you can't just keep it all to yourself! Talk to your enroller about scheduling an intro class to spread the good word on natural solutions!
Please take a moment to look over dōTERRA's Mission Statement. Remember that we vote with our dollars, and you should always consider what you're supporting with every hard earned penny you spend. If you get the opportunity to look into the beautiful things this company is contributing to around the world, and you will certainly understand why dōTERRA is quickly growing into the next unmistakable household name.

And please don't forget, you are prefect just as you are

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Stay Blessed <3

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Big Fish Wellness is founded by Monique Edgar with support from her sister Brittany and mother Diane. Along with the help of her great friends and family, Big Fish has set up a community organization with a goal of changing the perspective on healthcare. With a passion for opening peoples minds to greater (and healthier!) physical, mental and emotional possibilities, we've helped over one hundred people make profound positive changes in their lives. Not too bad for our first year on the map! Our business is exponentially growing, and we'd like to thank you all for your support and the courage to make a change. Cheers to you!