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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The scents of sugar cookies soak up the house, trees swathed in garland and tinsel, cheesy Hallmark movies, and Christmas music that's so groovy. All of this and more is what has been happening this month. The crackle of fires and vision of red wrapping paper streamline in your brain, the candy canes are a classic holiday treat. The colors of this season as warm, red and jolly as Santa's suit. In this issue, you will find angelic artwork, twinkling photos of string lights, and an interview with some teachers at Tamanend revealing all the deets on their Holiday plans. Enjoy the wonderful food and gifts, the joyful spirit of those around you, and of course, a break from school!


Poet's Pride


I would date my crush
If she ever were to ask.
But asking her myself?
I can’t complete that task.
If I ever asked,
I would look super dumb.
Because of fear I’d bite my lip
Until it’s almost numb.
How would I ask her out
When I know it wouldn’t last?
The pain of breaking up would hurt
More than a cannon’s blast.
What if I was rejected?
Would I stand and blush?
I rather not find out
And not show I have a crush.

The Way Things Are by Leah C.

They make fun and talk about no one they should,

To bring a useless fight,

That shows the differences in people,

And how they are to realize

what you see isn’t always as it is,

Yet you still feel sorrow for that person, and pity to them too much,

To forgive and forget for everything they’ve done,

But it leads up to that one moment where you don’t hold back, and disaster occurs,

Where no one talks no more.

A Trio of Poems


Eye of the Tiger

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Forever Thankful: DIY Festive Basket by Brendan Carlin

I came up with this idea to make a lighted holiday decoration because I know my mom enjoys lights and their festive spirit.

  1. First, select a basket in your favorite shape, color or one with a design or words that are meaningful to your family. You could also paint a design or write on it yourself to make it more personal. I chose a rectangle basket with words already painted on it a local craft store.
  2. Next, fill the basket with something you like that reminds you of the holidays. I chose pine cones that smell like cinnamon. Other suggestions are tree ornaments, small wrapped boxes or a plant.
  3. Following this, add lights. Chose a color or colors and decide if you want battery operated or the plug-in type. I choose a set of battery operated led lights so that it is portable. There are so many colors of lights available so be as creative as you like! I recommend led lights because they are very bright. Lights that are on small, thin wire are flexible and easy to work with. I found mine at a bookstore, and you can easy buy some at Michael's or AC Moore.
  4. Arrange the items in the basket and be careful not to fill it too high and leave room for the lights. Place the lights in the inside or outside of your basket arranging them as you like. A tip, arrange them with the lights on so you may see the design as you go.
  5. Last, place your finished basket on a blanket, faux snow or some material to make it pop!

This is an inexpensive way to create a wonderful gift for friends or family.


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Disney World at Winter by Harika C.

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Thanksgiving Dinner by Harika C.


Holiday Lights by Lauren M..


Relax by Paige S.


Photos from the Winter Carnival by Heera K.

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Cheery Tree by Josh H.


Artist's Avenue

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Jughead from Riverdale by Paige S.

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Self Portrait Sketch by Ksenia S.

A Collection of Mixed Media Work by Ksenia S.

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Cute Characters by Yana B.

By Josh H.

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Reindeer Sketch by Lauren M.

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Happy Holidays by Tatiana B.

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Duality by Ray N.

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Parrot by Ina M.


Writer's Roar

Christmas Morning by Lauren M.

I was drifting back from sleep, as I slowly became more conscious, thinking of candy canes and Santa hats. I slowly blinked my eyes open and yawned. I stretched my arms upwards and rolled out of bed. Then I remembered what today was. Christmas morning!

I quickly shoved my feet into some comfy slippers and grabbed a blanket to wrap myself in. Then I ran into my sister’s bedroom, bust open the door, and called out “Merry Christmas, Abby! Wake up!”

“Merry Christmas, Lauren,” Abby mumbled, still half asleep.

“Come on, get up Abby!” I continued to encourage her to get out of her bed.

“Fine, fine. But let’s stay up here until seven o’clock. Then we will go get Mom and Dad.” Abby had the authority on that one, because she was older than me. She still laid in bed, and she unplugged her phone to occupy herself. I walked over to her desk and sat in her chair and started thinking about what I could do to waste time.

Waiting until seven o’clock felt like waiting for a decade to pass, I just couldn’t help but wonder what might be under the tree. Then the clock finally ticked to seven.

“Oh! Its seven now!” I announced.

“No, silly. My clock is two minutes fast. I’ll tell you when its seven.” Abby corrected me. Ugh, I have to wait two more minutes? Really? I squirmed at the desk chair, impatiently counting to 180.

“Now its seven!” I shouted this time because I just couldn’t wait any longer. Excitement built up in my gut and I was itching to go downstairs.

“Ok, let’s go get Mom and Dad,” Abby finally slid out of bed. I sprinted to the door, creaked it open, and nearly flew over to my parent’s bedroom.

“Chill out, Lauren!” Abby called. She followed me to Mom and Dad’s room. When she caught up, I opened the door and walked in.

“Wake up guys! Merry Christmas!” Abby and I exclaimed.

“Ok, were up,” Dad mumbled. Mom just moaned, and it sounded like, ‘I need more sleep.’

“Come on, it's seven!” I could not stand waiting another minute.

“You guys go ahead, we will meet you downstairs,” Dad told us.

I scrambled into the hallway and down the steps and sprinted through the downstairs hall through the kitchen, and into the family room. The tree was shining bright as ever, and the ornaments seemed to glow with as much excitement as I. There were presents overflowing the base of the tree wrapped in all different colors. There were red presents with reindeer on the design, green ones with a santa patterns, and blue ones speckled with white snowflakes. The stockings above the fireplace were filled and overflowing, knick-knacks almost falling out. This very moment seemed to freeze, making me take in the joy of Christmas morning. The kind of joy I feel once a year, and the kind of joy that every other child should feel when they wake up on Christmas day.

"What are the holidays like for you?" Interview by Ananya S.

To find out what the Tamanend community is doing for the holidays, we interviewed some of our faculty members.

Our Question: We understand that you celebrate Christmas. What do you like to eat?

Ms. Connell: I like to eat cookies and sweets like that. I’m vegetarian, so I don’t like ham and all that fun stuff, but I love mashed potatoes.

Mr. Laz: I love to eat chicken marsala and stuffing.

Mrs. Higgins: I actually celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas. On Hanukkah we like to eat latkes and on Christmas we like to have ham and sometimes lasagna of some kind.

Mr. Landis: On Christmas I eat ham, potatoes, stuffed mushrooms, cookies, and more cookies.

Miss Roth: On Christmas our traditional family Christmas meal is ham, scalloped potatoes, and asparagus. Every year, we make a Christmas Jell-O, which is kind of old fashioned, but I love it. The dessert varies every year but it’s never a pie.

Mrs. McFarland: I like to eat EVERYTHING. Roast beef, stuffing, mashed potatoes, brownies, cake, cookies, and hot chocolate.

Mrs. Brumbaugh: Our family eats meatball sandwiches every year.

Our Question: Where do you actually celebrate the special day?

Miss Connell: Actually, special people come to me, so I stay at my house and then my family comes out to meet me.

Mrs. Stryjak: We usually go to my mom’s house up in the Poconos. After we’re done opening presents on Christmas Day, I will spend the day there and then we go to my brother’s house to spend the night.

Mr. Laz: I go to my mother-in-law’s on the Friday night of winter break. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we spend our time at my house.

Mr. Landis: I go to church on Christmas Day.

Miss Roth: Every year I go to my mother’s house, which is about an hour away from here. Recently, we started a tradition of traveling to a place in between Christmas and New Year’s.

Mrs. McFarland: We go to my parent’s house in the morning and then we go to either my in-laws or my sister and brother-in-law’s house in the afternoon. Then, we always do my grandmother’s house the day after Christmas.

Mrs. Hein: We just stay home and relax as a family. One day we go to the mall just to get the feel of the Christmas spirit. Then we go and have a nice dinner somewhere before Christmas and that’s it.

Miss Van Houten: We go to my grandmother’s house on Christmas Eve.

Our Question: What are some of your holiday traditions?

Miss Connell: We have a tradition where do something called a white elephant. You buy a gift that everybody would enjoy, and then everybody chooses a number out of the basket to choose a gift. After that, we open the gifts and steal from each other so it’s fun spirited and entertaining.

Mrs. Stryjak: We are German, so my mother hides a pickle ornament in the Christmas tree and whoever finds it first gets a present, which is usually a gift card to go eat out. We always have lots of fun and the Christmas tree gets knocked over by the end!

Mr. Laz: We have an ugly sweater tradition on Christmas Day where everyone arrives wearing holiday sweaters.

Mrs. Higgins: We put reindeer food out the night before Christmas for Santa and his reindeer. Also, we have an elf that comes to visit every day in December. Every night we light the menorah to celebrate Hanukkah.

Mrs. McFarland: We always open a ridiculous amounts of presents but we do our stockings first. We sing Christmas carol, and we do a Pollyanna with my other family members.

Mr. Landis: We do like a Christmas lights drive around so we drive around the neighborhood and we look at Christmas lights. We also drink hot chocolate and eat popcorn.

Miss Roth: Other traditions that I love are that my family has a Santa jar and Santa fills it with Hershey kisses every year.

Mrs. Brumbaugh: We love watching "A Christmas Story" which plays 24 hours while we are opening our Christmas presents. We try to time it so that we open presents while the people in the movie do it.

Mrs. Hein: We’ll go shopping and then we hang around together as a family. Sometimes we have people over for dinner, but what we always do is read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day, we like to make croissants.