Explorer's Week at a Glance

October 25, 2021

Galvan's Mission Statement

Our Mission is to Empower Explorers to Evolve into Future Ready Citizens in a Safe Learning Community.

Intentional RLA District PLCS for 2nd and 3rd Grade Teachers!

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Galvan Faculty and Staff Use the CKH EXCEL Model Daily to Build Strong Relationships♥

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Dates/Times to Note:


*** Please make sure to view all the Safety Videos required by the district

due November 30th for our campus ***

RED RIBBON WEEK (click here for dress days)

Monday, October 25, 2021

- Admin Meeting 9:00 am

- Kinder District PLC 12:30-2:45 pm OmniTrack Workshop ID 207790

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

- Meeting 7:00 am Ybarra

- 4th Grade District PLC 8:00-10:15 am OmniTrack Workshop ID 207786

- District C&I Walks at Galvan 8:15 am

- District SL Meeting K-2nd

- Connect--Collaborate--Share! Light up Your Learning with Lumio 3:30 pm Magallan

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

- 504 Meetings *Teachers please check your calendar invites for the scheduled meetings with Mrs. Alvarez

Thursday, October 28, 2021

- ARD Meetings *Teachers please check your calendar invites for the scheduled meetings with Mrs. Gordon-Blanton or Ms. Ayala

- Red Ribbon Week Parade 10:30 am

- 3rd & 5th Grade Level Meetings during planning periods 12:15 pm & 2:05 pm

- District SL Meeting 3rd-5th

- Fall in the Halls 5:30 pm

- Lesson Plans Due by end of day by each grade level teacher

Friday, October 29, 2021

- Carroll Tigers come out to greet our students in the morning

- Literature Parade- Dress up as your favorite book character- Parade 8:30 am

Galvan Year at a Glance (YAG):


Galvan Homework

Teachers please make sure homework time is age appropriate for our Explorers.

PK/Kinder- 10 minutes

1st- 15 minutes

2nd- 20 minutes

3rd- 30 minutes

4th- 40 minutes

5th- 50 miinutes

Please only assign for grades (1st thru 5th) Spelling and AR Reading 4 times a week and Math twice a week. All grade levels need to be giving the same homework and doing the same assignments. Kinder/PK may practice their letters and sightwords.

ALL MEANS ALL in Working Together as a TEAM to Communicate Effectively:)

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Teachers make sure to take ADA Attendance at 10:00 am Daily for accountability.

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October is Self-Direct

What does it mean to Self-Direct?

Self-Direction is the ability and learned skill to cast a vision of future goals and then take intentional steps toward who, where, and what we want to be. Instead of focusing on things to control or avoid, we emphasize our responsibility to make positive choices related to our emotions, attitudes, and actions.

Why focus on Self-direction?

  • Self-direction strengthens relationships. Self-direction helps to grow social skills and develop meaningful, positive relationships with others.
  • Self-direction teaches personal responsibility. Learning to self-direct teaches students to take responsibility for their own actions.
  • Self-direction helps us to regulate emotions: Self-direction empowers students to regulate their impulses and emotional responses to situations and circumstances in their life.

Self-Direction in Action:

  • Practice goal setting and action planning. When we establish goals and develop action plans, we learn to take intentional steps to successfully achieve goals.
  • Monitor and adjust. Provide students with regular feedback and opportunities to self-assess progress toward goals to make adjustments and improvements in their behaviors.
  • Reflect and evaluate. Facilitate discussions and reflection to prompt students to examine what they do, think, and say against their goals and vision for their life and learning.

District 2021-22 Calendar

Please make sure not to use plug in oils that cause smells due to sensitivity to other's allergies.

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District Expectation's Follow-up

1. Social Contracts for our Explorers are posted in every classroom.

2. Valley of the Vowels are posted in a V-shape and sound cards are up for grades Kinder thru 5th.

3. Deskshields are up checkerboard style in the cafeteria and classrooms until we recieve the rest of the deskshields.

4. District expects Professional Learning Communities to begin the 4th week of this grading period. Teachers will recieve 2 additional planning hours for next steps in the class and grade level.

5. Grades are entered weekly into the gradebook and submitted in a timely manner for IPR and Report Cards.

6. Emails are read in a timely manner to stay abreast important information and respond when nescessary.

7. Objectives are posted daily on the boards.

8. Attendance is taken daily iat 10:00 am n a timely manner.

9. Parent Logs are updated and turned into Mrs. Reyes for Title 1 documentation at the end of the grading period.

10. Per re-opening plan parents are not allowed to drop off school lunches after school starts. Please remind parents to make sure their child has their lunchbox before they are dropped off at school. We want to avoid miscommunication.

Campus Expectations

1. Classroom Voicemail is updated by teacher/faculty.

2. Dress Code is followed daily unless it's a school dress up day.

- Spirit Mondays may dress with Galvan shirt, slacks, or jeans. (refrain from wearing leggings or other t-shirts)

- Tuesday-Thursday dress professionally (refrain from wearing leggings, jeans, or t-shirts that are not School related)

- Refrain from wearing flip flops to avoid foot injury.

3. All staff children are to wait in the morning lines so they are safely monitored. They are not to be left unattened in the classrooms.

4. All Support Staff monitors are outside in the morning and open the doors at 7:45 am for the students to sanitize their hands then walk back to class in an orderly manner.

5. Please keep faculty/staff children from going into the staff lounge for safety purposes.

6. Refer to the 2021 Inclusion Teacher's list on the link below: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sgLXsX9e35utgrQnECnT8U64rqLZB_ZmIg9WK7Leask/edit?usp=sharing