How Installing Engineered Hardwood

Flooring in Hamilton Will Save You Money

How Installing Engineered Hardwood Flooring in Hamilton Will Save You Money

Those considering installing engineered hardwood flooring in Hamilton homes should know they are on the right track! Engineered flooring is a smart choice, and not only because it is an economical one. Many homeowners confuse engineered hardwood with laminate, which could end up being a costly mistake. Laminated planking is not made from real wood; engineered hardwood planks are. Additionally, laminated flooring is a much more uncomfortable surface to walk on. It can also be slippery, and when it is old and worn it can’t be refinished. There are however, many advantages to installing engineered hardwood flooring in Hamilton.

How Engineered Hardwood Flooring is Made

An understanding of how engineered hardwood planks are made will help you to grasp how great an option they are for Hamilton homeowners. First of all, they are made from quality hardwoods such as Maple and Oak. The wood to be used in forming the plank is cut into thin strips which are then glued to each other in a crossing pattern. This method of attaching the strips to each other helps to form a plank that is strong and resistant to twisting or warping. The top strip is thicker than those sandwiched between it and the bottom layer, and it is one solid piece that gives the appearance of solid hardwood flooring.

Installing and Maintaining Hardwood Flooring in Hamilton Homes

Hardwood flooring can be nailed, glued, or strapped down, and can be applied over just about any surface, excluding carpet. The ease and simplicity of installing hardwood flooring in Hamilton homes saves a big chunk of money when it comes to labor costs. Maintenance is also simple; a regular sweeping to avoid the flooring being scratched by dirt or debris, and an occasional mopping with soap and water is all that’s necessary. Avoid using harsh chemicals or wax that will damage the floor or make it too slippery.

You can also save money if you install the flooring yourself rather than hire a company offering hardwood flooring and installation in Hamilton. The cost of the flooring itself is a big selling point though; it is much cheaper than solid hardwood flooring. Upkeep costs are also low, the only really downside is that you need to make sure you purchase a quality product with solid wood all the way through.

You may need to shop around a bit to find a manufacture who offers a solid product. A couple of things to look out for are; top layers that are too thin and cheap fiberboard used as the core rather than solid wood. You can find quality flooring at a great price though, which will save you enough so that you can hire a company that offers both hardwood flooring, and installation in Hamilton.