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Trey Schober

Im related to Chloe Kim and Milton Schober. Im involved in my church and I'm in stuco and basketball in athletics.

What does it mean to be a leader?

Listen to other leaders. Cheers people up after a loss of some sort. And it also means they keep trying no matter what

Famous Leaders in my life

Dude perfect: Keven Heart: Steph Curry:

They are all had really big dreams and they all accomplished them one way or another

Leaders in my life

Mom: Dad: Coaches:

they are all leaders in my life because they teach me how to act and talk in my future.

short term goals

  • to pass 7th grade
  • to finish science fair project
  • pass starr

long term

  • get a mansion
  • get a Bugatti
  • family
Kid President - Pep Talk about Teamwork and Leadership