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July 14, 2020

Get Ready for Middle School - 6th Grade Transition Plans

I hope that your summer is off to an excellent start. While this is certainly not a "normal" summer, I know that our students and families were ready for a break after a challenging spring. Though the first day of school is still over a month away, I wanted to provide you with some updates that I hope will be helpful in your planning. Please understand that these are non-COVID updates. I fully recognize that there are many questions about the fall and how schools will re-open. This planning is still in process and all updates of this nature will come directly from the Rose Tree Media School District.

Summer Reading Assignment

Information about the summer reading assignment for all students has been posted to our website under "Latest News." Each student is expected to read TWO books. We recommend that students read and work on this assignment throughout the summer months.

Tentative Supply List

For your planning purposes, a tentative supply list has been posted to our website. The list is designed to serve as a general guide to assist students and parents with shopping for school supplies. Additional supplies may be needed at the request of the teacher once students return to school in September. Since students are not notified of their specific class schedule and team assignment until mid-August, parents may wish to identify and purchase those supplies that are common among all teams within a grade level. Due to COVID-19, we will be eliminating the use of shared supplies this year. As a result, this year's supply list is more extensive than normal.

Transition Camp

We are still evaluating our ability to host our 6th grade Transition Camp for mid-August. We will be in touch with families in the near future with more specific plans and details. In the event that we are unable to hold Transition Camp this year, all of those activities will be incorporated into the first day of school for 6th grade students.


For the 2020-2021 school year, students will be permitted to carry a backpack throughout the day. While this is not normally permitted, this change is being made for the upcoming school year. This revised procedure is designed to reduce the need for students to use their lockers throughout the day and also to provide students with a convenient way to carry their personal school supplies.

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