THS Girl's Lacrosse

Week 11

Proper preparation prevents poor performance.

Congratulations to our seniors for quite a week!! On Tuesday night we had our last regular season home against Fauquier HS which means one thing...Senior Night!! All of our seniors got significant playing time in that game, and got to have some fun with each other and embrace all that they've done for the team this year (and previous years for those that played prior to this year). To honor them, they were handed over Blue and Black flowers from our Athletic Director, Mr. Farrey, as they walked out of a tunnel of underclassmen flanked by their families. Then they met me as I handed over their sacred ~Scrapbooks~ which their teammates took such time to make and personalize for each of them. I put together each scrapbook, and I have to say, I was highly impressed by the creative skill our girls have. They truly care about each other and it shows in just one small scrapbook page. We have spent a good amount of time together over the past 11 weeks, and we have significantly come together as a team. These girls look like a complete team now, rather than a group of individuals.

We then played Falls Church on Thursday, at Falls Church, and amidst a hungry and cold team, our girls pulled together a win as they fought back immense frustration and displayed what they could- pride. They could've lost their tempers, fought back at each other, or at the refs and the other team, but they stayed calm and collected, and NEVER STOPPED. They showed true Tuscarora Pride Thursday Night, and I will personally never forget that game. That night, the game ball went to our whole team.

We are heading into our last regular season game on Monday, versus Briar Woods, and what better time than to say our mantra "Proper preparation prevents poor performance". I keep telling the girls that it doesn't matter where we've come from, it's what we do as we move forward. As long as we are prepared, calm, and full of Tuscarora pride, we will peak at the right time and everything will connect. We just have to remember, to NEVER STOP.

Awareness Campaign

Our awareness campaign continues this week, as we continue to score as many goals as possible in order to raise money for the American Heart Association. The girl's wore their American Heart Association T-Shirts as Warm ups, and the seniors wore them on Senior Night. Keep up the goal scoring!!

Practice player of the week...

And the practice player of the week goes to...Bella Signorello!!!! Bella has done an outstanding job as she absorbs and takes in everything that we ask her to do. She is not afraid to ask questions or clarify things to us. And she is not afraid to speak up and tell her teammates what they need to do in a play or situation when I ask them. I appreciate her feedback and her willingness to do these things. Plus, she's got a crazy stick! It is basically a magnet to that ball!! Keep it up Bella!!