FB Traffic Sniper Review + Bonus

Is it scam or effective?

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FB Traffic Sniper Review + Bonus

FB Traffic Sniper review - Truth or Scam?

After watching FB Traffic Sniper demo, i sure that you know what FB Traffic Sniper is and features and why you need it! If you had advertised with facebook ads, you know cost is expensive and you can target people! Example, if you want to advertise about Yoga, you can’t target exactly people that want to learn yoga! With config when you create campaign, you just filter people that your interests is yoga (they fill profile when they create fb account) and maybe, your interest isn’t YOGA and you lose more money to advertiser with people that don’t need it! How to increase your CTR and how to advertiser to target user! Do you know Power Editor?

What is the benefit of using Power Editor?

Power Editor was designed to improve advertisers’ efficiency in creating, editing and managing a large number of campaigns and ads. For example, Power Editor allows operations like mass-editing of campaign settings, targeting, bids, budgets, flight dates, and creative elements across ads, campaigns, and even accounts. It also offers additional features such as placements and custom audiences. With Power Editor, you can also monitor ads stats in order to optimize ads and campaigns from within the tool itself.

Power Editor can work in conjunction with a spreadsheet application such as Excel. You can copy and paste the data from your ads and campaigns to and from Excel spreadsheets.

Continue with above EXAMPLE, you can use FB Traffic Sniper to collect user ID of Yoga group, talking user of yoga fanpage, user who comment on post about youga, they are people who really need to learn, to know more information about YOGA! When you create fb campaign, you just choose list of id that you collect and choose ads method CPM, it’s very cheap, 0.01$ /1k views and views is just appear for people in your list! It’s very “TARGET”!

Maybe my english skill is not good, but i think you can know what i mean!

Why we can sure FB Traffic Sniper is awesome?

Jeremy Kenedy is greate marketer! Do you know FB Target ID? This is product help you extract id of member in facebook group and he earned thousand $ with that! So i can say he is great facebook-marketer! If you don’t believe, please try google search with term “FB Target Id” or go to warriorforum, you can confirm all information above is TRUE!

And I want to speak Thanks to FB Target ID, I was finally able to scale up my business at a suprisingly low cost, make 20+ leads daily and make an extra $3000 a month online for just $5 per day. Are you amazing?

I spent a lot of money with Facebook ads, not too Facebook ads could be ungood but with Facebook PPC, its less of a gamble as well as a very high quality source of traffic.

FB Traffic Sniper is a application that lets you target people in Facebook groups in order to have a very targeted audience and pay less for your ad campaign.

FB Traffic Sniper will allow you to take your Facebook PPC marketing one stage further by allowing you to definitely not only just target Facebook groups just about all allows you to target Facebook fan pages and posts!

I cannot start to explain how that is going to take Facebook pay-per-click marketing to infinity and beyond.

Some FB Traffic Sniper Proof

After is a small campaign that Jeremy Kennedy had worked with this amazing product. This campaign is promote for an affiliate product.

  • His commission was $10 per sale.
  • Total ads spend $107.88.
  • This ad campaign brought him 41 sales for $410.
  • So with a simple calculate. Profit is: $410 – $107.88 = 302.12 Pure Profit.
  • You can apply FB Traffic Sniper to receive similar result, too.